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Local Food, Imported Film

May 22, 2009

I might have been a bit tough on the Honest Weight Food Co-op in my review of their store when I first moved to Albany.  Still, I think it is a fair assessment.  Tough but fair.

Last night, the HWFC showed me another glimpse of the shining diamond it can be.

Apparently they have started a film series.  Who knew?  It’s been going on for three months now, on the third Thursday of each month.  I would have loved to go last month for the documentary about the trip a cup of coffee takes from bean to cup.

Last night I got to see Tableland.  It’s Canadian.  And I have to say that despite its one-sided support of local, slow and organic foods, was quite inspirational.

There was one section that was almost a commercial for this wonderful looking organic winery, cooking school and guesthouse called Joie Farm.  It looked like an idyllic place for a fussy food getaway with Mrs. Fussy.  But I only now just learned that the cooking school and guesthouse are closed.  Bummer.

The other things I now feel inspired to do:
1) Go to British Columbia to meet this man.
2) Raise my own rabbits.  Chickens are so 2008.
3) Visit more local farms.

Most likely I will start from the bottom and work my way up that list.  But the people from the HWFC came prepared.  They had a booklet that listed over 60 local farms and food producers within a 100-mile radius.  Mrs. Fussy doesn’t know this yet, but I’m starting to have an idea what we may do with our Summer Saturdays.

Personally, I really hope some of the chicken farms will accept visitors. I really want to see what cage-free looks like and if it varies from farm to farm.

The HWFC people also brought a variety of lovely snacks from some of these local farms and producers.  Some were good.  Others, maybe not so much.  Overall, I like to eat local, I do.  But it does not trump other factors.  Like taste, for instance.

I have every intention to keep going to these screenings, and I’d love to meet some of you there.  You are cordially invited to become a fan of FUSSYlittleBLOG on Facebook where I will put up local events of interest that I plan to attend in the future.

That’s exactly what this town needs.  A fussy posse.

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  1. May 22, 2009 12:22 pm

    I was stoked to go, but then I got suddenly sent out of town for work. I think my mother and brother enjoyed themselves.

    I think that’s kind of the screen through which the HWFC has to be viewed, really. It can’t really be compared to a health food store or gourmet grocery as apples and oranges. It’s really meant to be more about a community and an educational place. (Seriously, how many stores offer knife-sharpening services and neti pot training courses? They also do nutrition outreach programs at local schools.)

    If you’re able to become a volunteer worker, the discount makes everything so much more affordable. I used to live with someone who was a full-time, non-member worker and we got a ridiculously good discount. It’s one of things I miss most about that failed relationship – haha.

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