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The Profussor is In

May 28, 2009

According to the digital dashboard, the FUSSYlittleBLOG just hit its first hundred comments.

Some of these comments have been questions, and I had been answering a few of these on an ad hoc basis.  But I have decided to start a regular feature whenever we have enough questions to justify its own post.

Ask the Profussor.

Just make sure that if you want a response, please put your query in the form of a question.  I will try to do my best to get to everyone.  Maybe this is a bad idea.  But we’ll play it out and see where it goes.

Now I will try and hammer through some of the backlog.  So without any further ado, here we go.

Questions from I Hate S’mores.  Seriously Hate.
SJ asks, “But have you tried the chocolate with smoked applewood bacon?”
The Profussor says, “No, but I look forward to receiving a bar from you soon!”

Little Sister asks, “S’more = platonic ideal of childhood?”
The Profussor says, “I think Plato had something very different in mind.”

Jess asks, “I bet nutella might make it better…  What do I know?”
The Profussor says, “Nutella can’t make a graham cracker less sandy.  But you know a lot.  And you appreciate Dan’s Place II.  Don’t sell yourself short.”

Questions from One is the Loneliest Number.
Annie writes, “your tips for selecting a wine seem less applicable when having to select from a restaurant’s wine list. Is it true that the second from the cheapest is the best value?”
The Profussor says, “It depends.  Some time ago it may have been true, but restaurants have caught on, and some now put a high-markup wine in that spot.  Having a general understanding of relative wine prices can help suss out values on a restaurant list.  But the fundamentals of looking for undervalued regions or going beyond the dominant varietals can serve you well on wine lists as well as in stores.  Really this question demands its own post, and I have added the topic to my list.  Look for more in the future.”

Questions from Real Deal Diners.
BenP asks, “Did you ever make it to Town Diner in Watertown, MA?”
The Profussor says, “No.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been to Watertown.  Is Kevin Costner still the mayor?”

Mark B asks, “Is it any coincidence that Denny’s and hospitals are both open 24 hours?”
The Profussor says, “My favorite diner described their cuisine as ‘heart-attack-on-a-plate.’  I think they were appalled at my order of oatmeal and egg whites.  What can I tell you, doctor’s orders.”

Matt asks, “What’s your view on the relationship between Diner Quality and Neighborhood Income?”
The Profussor says, “I never had any view until you asked the question.  I believe Paul Fussell would suggest that those on the top and bottom brackets would be less concerned with outward appearances.  I believe diners primarily serve local patrons.  And I also believe for a diner to be good, it must be stripped of pretense.  All of this would suggest the best diners should be found in rich and poor neighborhoods.  But ultimately I think it is too broad a generalization.  Great diners are rare and a real treat to find anywhere.”

Questions from Be Brave Bold Wino.
Spencer asks, “I mean, a good pairing is really the goal here, isn’t it?”
The Profussor says, “I mean, the goal is really having fun tasting and trying new wines.  Good pairings are great.  But they cause people a lot of undue stress and strain.”

Annie asks, “Any interest in sharing your “special kind of idiot” discoveries? Or, would this just kill our own qwests..?”
The Profussor says, “There are a few very tasty wines that I have enjoyed that are under $10.  But wine prices and availability vary dramatically state to state.  And wines do have variability vintage to vintage.  Then there is the matter of personal taste.  That said, I will throw you a bone of two large production red wines that are widely available that I enjoy year after year, the Dancing Bull Zinfandel and the Coppola Rosso.”
BenP asks in his comment on James Bond is a Saboteur, “you’re bought into the orange bitters in the martini for good??”
The Profussor says, “Yes.  Yes I have.”
Ellen W. asks in her comment on Sweet Sweet Tubers, “What does the oil add? How much different would these come out if you skipped that part?”
The Profussor says, “One reader suggests it doesn’t matter at all.  I would say the heat transfer would be affected, and I would not expect the skins to turn out as beautifully.”
Albany Jane asks in her comment on The Case for Cases,  “So what is the house wine at Casa De Daniel B.?”
The Profussor says, “Currently the house wine is the Navarro Gewürztraminer from the Anderson Valley in California.  It is one of my all time favorites, and goes phenomenally well with blue cheese and smoked fish.  In the past the house wine has included Las Rocas Garnacha, Borsao Tinto Grenache, Cline Zinfandel, RH Phillips Syrah and others.”

James Bomb asks in his comment on Call Me Mr. Bitter, “Did you say stirred? Not shaken? A MARTINI??!!?? What’s up with that?”
The Profussor says, “Yes, stirred.  No, not shaken.  Yes, a martini.  It’s just better that way, Mr. Bomb.”

Brownie asks in his comment on The Elephant in the Room “And is the soft edge on the font intentional? What are you using for image compression?”
The Profussor says, “No.  What on Earth is image compression?”

Raf asks in his comment on Make Your Own Damn Sauce, “Dried Basil?”
The Profussor says, “Not just dried basil, Penzey’s dried basil.  Next time I’ll make that more clear.”

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  1. Paul Kornblueh permalink
    May 28, 2009 11:40 am

    Really looking good Daniel, you’re going to be an internet sensation!

  2. Annie permalink
    May 28, 2009 6:04 pm

    Thanks fussy one! I like that. The answers.
    Now that we’re allowed (officially) to ask questions in our comments, I have to ask: Could you please post your recipe for black beans? I am soaking some now..

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