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Whole Lot of Love

August 11, 2009

For being a fussy blog, there has been a lot of talk about love recently.  There will be plenty of chances to re-balance the scales once I am back home and back into my regular posting routine.

But for the time being, let me take this chance to remind all of you about a few things that get under my skin.

S’mores.  Man, do I hate s’mores.  You can read the whole diatribe here.  And why on Earth would you want to attempt to assemble one of these on the beach?  Invariably you will end up biting down on a crunchy grain of sand.  I’ll take a simple toasted marshmallow anytime over the nasty assemblage of ingredients in the traditional s’more.

A bad cappuccino can really ruin my day.  You can read all about it here.  Although recently on my trip I was introduced to a place with espresso drinks so good, it nearly brought a tear to my eye.  Seriously.  But that sounds like too much love to me.

I hate the review policy of my local paper.  You can read my post and the paper’s response to it here.  Maybe if the “fine dining” restaurants the paper reviewed in Albany were actually better than the more casual restaurants I would feel differently.  But so far, I have not been impressed.

Farmed Atlantic salmon is an abomination.  If you don’t know why, here is a summary of thoughts from the New York Times, Seafood Watch, Eating Well, and the Environmental Defense Fund.  At the very least, this fish has no place in nice restaurants.  Although really I think it should be completely avoided.

Generally I am a big fan of cocktails.  But there are three things I cannot stand.
1)    Sour mix
2)    Maraschino cherries
3)    Cocktail glasses themselves

Otherwise, I have been a pretty happy camper, although this current exposure to the high standards of Northern California may have some unintended consequences.

We will just have to wait and see.

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  1. August 11, 2009 9:19 am

    You can’t just say, “Awesome cappuccino the other day”, give some name-dropping love. They appreciate the marketing, you help the people that love your blog, I put the place on my list. It is win-win-win.

    Incidentally, awesome cappuccino at Mike’s Pastry in the North End in Boston last week. Then had one at “Boston’s best cappuccino” (according to Yelp) – Cafe L’amore or something on Newbury Street two days later, hoping Boston was just better than other places I have been recently – alas, I was wrong.

  2. Jerry permalink
    August 11, 2009 11:20 am

    I agree with you on all points, especially s’mores, an infantile mess.

  3. August 11, 2009 12:04 pm

    s’mores suck! just gimme the chocolate

  4. Jean Patiky permalink
    August 11, 2009 12:57 pm

    Hey Dan….is Norwegian Salmon OK? I just bought some at Whole Foods…should I forgetaboutit and eat cold cereal instead tonight?

  5. August 11, 2009 1:03 pm

    All this s’more bashing! Let me rise to the defense of the humble s’more.

    I feel like people are missing the point. The point of s’mores is not the taste or end product, it is the process. It is a dessert that you make as you eat them. It is like having crabs, only kid friendly.

    For me, I look forward to the first time my kids see their marshmallow unexpectedly burst into flame, then repeatedly toast, refine toasting technique and calculate the perfect amount of toastiness for a good s’more marshmallow.

    Regarding Dan’s diatribe, I will buy most of that, and am ready and willing to experiment with different cookies and chocolates, but I only make smores with kids and if I am making smores with kids, I suspect it needs a top.

    Also, I wonder if buying really expensive chocolate makes a difference to kids? I do suspect that the more ganache-ey you make it (although I love this idea), the less accessible it is for kids. Kids put it together! It is like a sandwich, only the kind of sandwich a kid wants to eat: marshmallow and chocolate!

  6. brownie permalink
    August 14, 2009 7:29 am

    I’ve read every post, sir, and enjoy them all. Does this blogamajig have a ticker for most popular entries? Maybe you could turn it around and report the least popular instead.

    Here’s a topic I assume will be unpopular among foodies, although I could be wrong. what’s the prevailing opinion on the bag lunch? I spend my money at overpriced sandwich shops in midtown Manhattan every day and would like to eat better while saving some coin. What’s in the Profussor’s officialy licensed Buffy the Vampire Slayer lunch pail?

    And on that note, whatever happened to the Thermos? Never see them anymore.

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