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Deli Run Amok

October 15, 2009

Ten days ago, I thought it would be a good idea to launch a series of posts and call them Deli Days.  The idea was twofold.

1)    Get people whipped up into a deli-loving frenzy in advance of the free lecture on the topic at the University at Albany.  The lecture is today, and all the details are here.
2)    Compensate for the complete void of Jewish deli related posts on the FUSSYlittleBLOG, and write enough to get “Deli” listed as a clickable tag in the cloud on the far right hand side of the page.

In the spirit of full disclosure, the lecture is sponsored by the Center for Jewish Studies, and I just so happen to sit on the Center’s board.  Can you believe I do other things besides sit around and write about food?  It’s hard to imagine.

At the very least I have succeeded in my second goal.  Now within the tag-cloud nestled between the small “Criticism” and the even smaller “Farm” is the perilously small “Deli.”  Perhaps all of this could have been achieved with better tag management, rather than subjugating all of you to ten days of deli posts.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I think it has been too much of a good thing.  Next time, if I want to delve into a certain theme, I will keep it to a week or less.

But I am happy with what was covered.  Thanks to your comments it flowed nicely.  It was exciting to pick up a new reader and commenter in the form of NY Deli Man.  I truly hope he continues to read and participate as we migrate away from deli matters.

Deli Days started with an introduction to the theme, as well as an advance invitation to the lecture.  I still love that one can have a job that involves studying delis.

Day two I was compelled to talk about what in my mind is the cornerstone of the Jewish deli experience: meaningful expressions of beef fat.

Day three I realized that beef fat wasn’t the only fat in the roost.  Chicken fat deserved its due, largely thanks to the strict kosher dietary laws that I completely disregard.

By day four, I thought some people might start heading out to delis, and they might be able to use some constructive advice, helped in no small part by NY Deli Man.

Day five coincided with my father’s birthday, and it was my dad who introduced me to Cel-Ray, which is clearly the best thing to wash down a proper deli meal.  I enjoy Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry and Cream Soda.  But there can only be one.

I took off on Saturday.  Shomer effin Shabbos.

Day six, I finally fulfilled the promise of the initial post where I mentioned creamed herring.  Drool.  Pickled onions.  Pickled fish.  Swimming in sweet cream.  Yum.

Speaking of pickles, day seven acknowledged why people think half-sours are the best.  And then went on to acknowledge why they are wrong.  Sorry Sandor.

Day eight featured carbohydrate overload with potato stuffed knishes.  I guess it’s a good foil for all the fat, salt and sugar of the previous posts.

Ultimately in the end, it came back to the fat, and a gentle reminder that we are not here forever.  Chopped liver is wonderful, but I wish the Koch brothers were still around to give me a schmear.

Sure, now you could just click on the spiffy new “Deli” tag in the cloud and get the index of deli articles from the past ten days, but then you would miss out on all this commentary.

See you tonight.  One last time, all the information is here.
Tomorrow is deli free.  Now let us never speak of this again.

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