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One Day, Three Lunches

November 2, 2009

If you asked Young Master Fussy about the recent trip to D.C. he might tell you about all the fun he had.  But there were no museums.  There was no trick-or-treating.  We didn’t even go to a playground.

We did, however, eat three lunches in one day.

Perhaps part of the fun was the spontaneity of it all.  After all, we did not set out to have a gluttonous afternoon of fatty and delicious treats.  It just kind of happened.  And it is what often happens when I meet up with ADS.  We are very bad influences on each other.  Our old friend (let’s call her La) was in tow too.

I had wanted to go to Ray’s Hell Burger while on the trip.  It was really the only thing I wanted to do while in the area.  And I got a lunch date there on the calendar with ADS.  But when the time rolled around, it turned out there was a chicken place he really wanted me to try.

Have any of you heard about the Korean fried chicken joint called Bon Chon?

If you haven’t you must.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.  Stop.  Go back to the link.  And look upon the magnificence that is nutritiously enriched chicken legs.  I have no idea what they do to this chicken, but it takes an hour to prepare.

So after placing our order, we were going to do a little wine shopping.  Until, that is, I notice a papuseria in the corner of the strip mall.  Innocently I suggested that a papusa snack wouldn’t be the worst way to kill some time until the chicken is ready.

Here’s where the bad influence part kicks in.

ADS saw fried yucca and pork on the menu too.  And La said that we must try an order of the plantains as well.  Before we knew it our little snack turned into a full blown second lunch.  Which was remarkable, since we hadn’t even eaten the first one yet.

Did I mention that we ordered 18 chicken legs for the three adults and one child?  Does that sound like too many?  It was 6 mild and 12 spicy.  My son ate 4 drumsticks.  Really, he ate three and two bites of the fourth.  Actually, he really just ate the skin off those three.  I am so proud.

Nearly sick full on authentic Salvadoran food and impossibly crispy fried chicken legs, ADS suggests, half in jest and half seriously, that we pop into Ray’s Hell Burger for some beef dessert.  We had just enough time before La needed to get back to work.

And before I could say anything, our car was pulling up to Ray’s.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone believed we were going to go through with it.  But nobody was strong enough to put the brakes on our lunch that would not end.  So we sampled their burger, homemade root beer, and French fries that they just put on the menu three days prior.  Oh yeah, and young Master Fussy got the – count ‘em – seven cheese macaroni and cheese.

Everything was very good, but probably not worth the drive down from New York to Arlington, VA.  If you happen to be there, you should clearly drop by if you feel like a burger.  My fingers had a lovely beefy smell for the rest of the day.

The moral of this story is not that the profussor is a glutton.  I’m far too thin to be a serious candidate for that label.  The moral of the story, rather, is that sometimes there are food opportunities that shouldn’t be missed.

Had I stuck to my original plan, I never would have tried Bon Chon or the Salvadorian hole-in-the-wall.  And those were certainly the dining highlights of the trip.  And for that, I’m willing to pay with a little gastric distress.

Plus, I have a feeling this will be one of those memories that young Master Fussy will keep for a lifetime.

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