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Bumping Into Bloggers

August 29, 2010

Sunday is a day for hangovers. I suppose Saturday can be too. But I didn’t drink copious amounts of booze last night. In fact I didn’t even have a drop. What I drank a lot of yesterday was coffee.

In about two hours I had two steaming mugs of Ethiopian (two different kinds), a shot of espresso, and I took a 20 ounce brewed coffee for the road.

This was all down at this amazing café in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  For those who are wondering, the Wilkes Barre-Scranton DMA is in the same 51-60 bracket as Albany-Schenectady-Troy.  Anyhow, I realized it would probably be a while before I made it back, so I had best try as many things as possible while I was there.

Bad idea.

My heart didn’t explode, but after arriving home I had a total caffeine crash and passed out on the sofa after dinner.  When I awoke from my brief post-meal nap, I had a pounding headache, and could not even attempt to sit down in front of the computer to write today’s post.

So instead of something interesting about wine, today is a brief post about local bloggers.

Earlier in the week, I was doing some evening writing in a local café. I had at least two posts to write, really I had wanted to do more.  When I had finished my first post, a very large group came into the quiet corner where I was writing.  And it’s not as if they were loud, but I was ready to have a change of venue as I began to tackle the second post.

One of the employees at the café apologized (large groups like that are supposed to reserve a room well in advance) but I explained how it was a good thing.

When I mentioned that I was writing an article for my blog, she confessed to being a blogger too.  This woman was none other than Rosey Rebecca herself, who you may or may not remember from my post on things that are just too damn big.  I didn’t realize this until just now, but the post from that link was also written in Rosey Rebecca’s café.

I ate a lemon poppy seed cupcake and drank a few mugs of green tea.  She and I were able to talk a bit about blogging and food, but she was slammed with that big group.  Next time I’m there, hopefully we’ll talk more.

Then on Friday I had lunch with Albany Jane and Little Miss Fussy.  That was planned.  It had been far too long since we’ve shared a meal together.  She wrote the whole thing up here, and it includes some cute pictures of the little one eating all kinds of foods.

I loved Ala Shanghai and had two more cupcakes at Sweet Temptations, a white one with white buttercream and a red velvet one with cream cheese frosting.  I thought the white one was the bees knees and much better than the red velvet.  But the red velvet was really nicely chocolaty, and had that rich dark red color I prefer.

Friday night I went to a new member dinner at the temple my family just joined. There, just by chance I sat next to a woman who was not just a reader, but a blogger as well.  And not just any blogger mind you, she was Leah from Noshing Confessions.  Looks like she and I will be spending a lot more time together in the months to come.  Which I couldn’t be more excited about.

That’s three bloggers in two days.  It also happened to be three cupcakes in two days.  Usually I don’t see any bloggers or eat any cupcakes, so this was a banner week.

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  1. August 29, 2010 12:21 pm

    Hot damn there’s a lot of estrogen in the blogging pool.

    And c’mon. You know LMF and I were way more headache inducing than any group – EEEEEYYYAAAHHHH CAAKKKEEE COOKIES CUPCAKESSSSSS!!!!

  2. August 30, 2010 9:42 am

    Crazy man drinking 2 cups of Ethiopian and 1 shot of espresso.

    Caffeine makes me uber productive, uber perky and more obnoxious than usual, while simultaneously making my hands shake so hard I cannot type. Plus the munchkin doesn’t sleep either, which is a whole other complication.

    Finally: I want red velvet cupcakes. And Hello Kitty cookies. Just sayin’.

  3. September 1, 2010 2:30 pm

    Takes 5 minutes to open a blog. It’s is no different than posting on MySpace, except people figured out how to be self-hosted, or moved to a blog farm that wasn’t as tainted as MySpace (say or Blogger is not really something I would advertise anymore, it’s just something you do. Meta-blogging is really when it’s a slow Wednesday :)

  4. October 8, 2010 7:16 pm

    Wow – to me, that’s incredibly synchronistic and magical!
    People still look at me and roll their eyes when I say I blog, if I’m game enough to tell them!
    But for you to tell people AND discover fellow bloggers… Heaven… pure Heaven.

    Luck and butterfly kisses,

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