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Ask the Profussor – Falling

September 22, 2010

Thing have really picked up around here since the last Ask the ProfussorThe Fresh Market has become a regular stop in my grocery shopping rotation.  StanfordSteph inspired me to organize the Tour de Donut (which is this Saturday for those who are interested).  I wrote another post for All Over Albany, and at least in theory another one is in progress.

I thought when Young Master Fussy was back in school, I would have more time to do more stuff.  But thanks to our CSA I’m still cooking like a madman.  The tomato bread salads of summer are gone, but the savory bread pudding with a salad of mixed greens continues to be a household staple.

All of this is to say that I have yet again failed to keep up with questions as they have been asked.  So to set things right, today I attempt to answer all the unanswered questions from the past three weeks, because if I don’t do them now, I’ll just have more to do later.  Just a reminder, if you want to make sure your question is answered, please make sure to use a question mark at the end.

Thank you for your continued support.  Your comments and questions keep this going.  Although I suppose I would continue to do this even in a vacuum.  It might just be grumpier.  Now onto the answers.

Collin may have mistaken me for Cliff Clavin when he wrote:
Its funny that you say Ketchup followed by Heinz. Because correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it originally catsup as a generic and ketchup was specific to Heinz? Sort of like tissues and Klenex

Regardless of what they say on teh internets, I have photographic proof that Heinz too originally bottled catsup.

But I do find the whole concept of protecting one’s trademark to be interesting.  Especially given that it’s generally the dominant brands that risk losing their trademark, just because they are so dominant that their brand becomes the generic word for the whole category.  Brands that are commonly used as verbs are great examples of this phenomenon.  Xerox and windsurfing are two of my favorites.

Shula Edelkind had some great questions:
What kind of book might the Sunny D people be likely to provide free? Like maybe an advertisement for their stuff dressed up as a story? Are you SURE you want to get those books for the kids? I got a feeling that not everything with words on it is worth reading

I think you are on to something.  I have no idea what kind of books they are likely to provide.  But given how little money they make on each bottle of SunnyD, the books are unlikely to be hardcover editions of Caldecott medal winners.  Whether or not they are SunnyD ads veiled as books is really immaterial at this point.  Ultimately I’ve decided that my family is not participating in this effort, and Young Master Fussy has been suitably indoctrinated about why we don’t drink that junk in our house.

I hope that Foodieintraining continues to read and complete her training:
As for good Mexican restaurants in the area, I recommend Leons in Saratoga and Jose Malones in Troy. Leons is pretty authentic and true to real Mexican food at least for the Capital Region and Jose Malones is delicious and a little more daring!!

You want daring? Offering restaurant recommendations in the comments of a blog moderated by a fussypants is right up there. This aggression will not stand, man.  For the record, putting corned beef into a quesadilla isn’t daring Mexican food, it’s something I might expect to see in Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals for Kids. There, I said it.  Additionally, there may be a time when I feel like the Old El Paso style of Mexican food served at Leons, but this is not the Mexican food that I am looking for.

Here’s the thing.  There is plenty of good food here.  But we don’t have good versions of all types of food.  And that’s okay.  I’ve been finding greater culinary happiness by seeking out those local places that do what they do well.  And not just well for the Capital Region.

I can’t tell if Ellen Whitby is being sarcastic or not when she asks:
Is it true? Do you have socially awkward moments? Really?

Yes.  It is true.  But talking about the socially awkward moments will only make them more socially awkward in the future.  So maybe we leave it at that.

However it’s important to note that unlike a lot of people, I embrace the weird.  So I’d much rather have these mildly uncomfortable experiences that demonstrate people are reading the FLB than to go through all of this writing to be completely unnoticed.

bk pointed out something of which I was all too keenly aware:
Where are the old world wines in your list? I’ve been buying pretty much only Spanish lately so seeing this list of mostly American wines makes me sad. I love tannin too much to stay with American stuff ( that i have seen)

I love old world wines.  But here’s the problem: finding a well-distributed medium to large producer that makes great wines at a good value.  Part of the problem is about how wine is marketed over there versus over here.  Joseph Drouhin would probably be a good example.  However, there are so many wines under that umbrella that the brand isn’t really a very useful shorthand for consumers.

My personal belief is that when looking at old world wines, finding an importer whose taste you like is generally a good bet.  If I see a Spanish wine that looks like a good value, and look at the back of the bottle to find it was imported by Eric Solomon, I’ll buy that wine.  Same goes for Kermit Lynch and the wines of France.

But it’s certainly possible that I’m missing out on some promising labels.  I’d be curious to hear your recommendations.

jaycin333 only sounds silly because the “do” is missing:
This is going to sound silly, but how I put a blog roll on my blog?

Well, I happen to know that you are blogging on WordPress.  That means on the left hand column in your dashboard, there is a section called Links.  When you click on it, the section opens up to reveal Add New.  From there, fill out the fields and click the Add Link button on the top right and you are done.

If the links are not appearing on your blog in the form of a blogroll, you will likely need to adjust your blog’s appearance.  Click on Appearance on the left hand column in the dashboard. From there click on Widgets.  Now you should be able to drag Links over to the sidebar, and like magic the links you created before should finally appear on your blog.

Good luck.

Kim seemed to be excited by the notion of purees:
So, what do you do with a lot of zucchini??? Got a puree for that???

When the zucchini really starts going, it’s really hot and something nice and cool would be welcome.  For that, I give you this and this.  We don’t fry in the Fussy household, and this isn’t exactly a puree, but I’d still use the Cuisinart to shred the zucchini for this.  But this is what you want, so this is what you get.

My only parting words: beware of truffle oil.

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  1. September 22, 2010 11:03 am

    I guess I’m a little late for this edition of Ask the Profussor, but I wonder if you have a use for a giant bunch of kale? My dad gave me some from his garden yesterday and I’m not sure how to use it all.

  2. September 22, 2010 2:14 pm

    Thanks for the smackdown re: Mexican food in the region. I haven’t even been to these two places but your surgical retorts are enough to make me shout ole.

    To my mind the best “Mexican” I’ve found locally is at Chipotle, followed closely by Moe’s when you ladle on the hot sauce.

  3. Ellen Whitby permalink
    September 25, 2010 1:33 am

    Completely sarcastic but affectionately so. Thanks for the reply.

    Slabs of zucchini are great on the grill, and we have plenty nearly ready for harvest in our garden – a little oil. a sprinkle of salt and medium-high heat. The char lines only enhance the taste.

    Enjoy the donut tour. We’ll be thinking of you.

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