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Early Morning Flight

May 26, 2011

Today marks the beginning of a week of posts without the benefit of Mrs. Fussy. She’s the one who makes sure all the commas are in the right place, all the words are spelled correctly, and that my logic flows from one paragraph to the next.

So please bear with me.

Right now, I’m in Albany International Airport getting ready to head out to the West Coast. I’ve done an absolutely terrible job at letting many of my friends and relations in California that I’m on my way. If you are one of these people, I’m very sorry. But I’ve been really busy the last few days in Albany.

Currently the video of my cooking escapades with Chef Dave at Central Steak are not up on their Facebook page. But I’m expecting it to come live sometime during my day of flight. The grass-fed skirt steak goes on the menu Friday night and runs through Sunday. But there is a limited supply, so if you are interested, I highly encourage you to go this Friday night.

Next Friday night, I’ve got another good idea for you.

If you haven’t heard about the snout to tail mangalista pig dinner at 677 Prime on Friday night, you must check out the menu.

Oh my.

For me the swoon worthy dish is the lardo on crostini with fava beans, lemon zest and olive oil. But this whole meal promises to be a very special treat indeed. I’m thrilled about the arrival of this very rare breed of pig on the menu in Albany.

It’s exciting that we have a chef like Christopher Allen Tanner who has the knowledge of charcuterie to produce such delicious treats from such a magnificent animal.

I just wish I’d be around to enjoy it.

Somehow, I’m doing a lot of traveling this year, and will be at a competing pig event that very same evening in East Hampton. Mine will be Cuban style and in honor of my cousin’s wedding the following evening, so it has to trump the local event. But I really hope some of you are able to take advantage of the evening.

It’s not inexpensive. But as opposed to many dinners in the Capital Region that are equally expensive and not worth the price, this one appears to be well worth the money, fat and calories.

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