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Sell Out Sunday – Three To Get Ready

July 22, 2012

In theory I suppose I could be using this platform to tell you all about the evil things going on with food this week. You know, all of things that you should be getting riled up about. That would include the letters I’d like you to write your senators, the online petitions I’d ask you to sign, and the products I’d suggest you reconsider buying.

But I think that would be more annoying than this lighthearted recap of press releases from the week. Except these are no longer just press releases. Some of them are just email blasts that I’ve gotten from food businesses in the region. But all of them have for some reason captured my attention.

Therefore you may be interested in them too. Plus it’s been a late night of packing for PA and I don’t have time to write an entirely original post. The truth always comes out. Well, anyway, today there are three. I hope you learn something new.

The Press Release From Creo
Creo’ Announces New Thursday Raw Bar Night
Creo’ Provides Fresh Seafood – Hand Selected by Chef

COLONIE – White Management announces Creo’s new Thursday raw bar night featuring a variety of fresh seafood from Earth & Sea Fish Market in Manchester Center, Vermont and the Cape Cod Shellfish & Seafood Company in Boston, Massachusetts. The raw bar will be available every Thursday night for guests from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“We wanted to bring something new to Creo’ this summer,” said Brian White, Vice President of White Management. “Having quality shellfish for the raw bar will further enhance the experience for our guests.”

Every Thursday night the raw bar will feature a selection of fresh shellfish, including clams, oysters, shrimp and a variety of other seafood. This is the first time Creo’ has featured a raw bar.

“We will be providing our guests with the highest quality and flavor,” said Brian Bowden, Executive Chef at Creo’. “Each week the shellfish is hand selected for the raw bar and I’m sure our guests will taste the difference.”

The Next Chefs Consortium Event
Outstanding in the Arcade

Join Proctors, Schenectady Greenmarket and the Chefs’ Consortium for a new and unique event on Saturday, August 4th.

Grow, Buy and Eat Local! Outstanding in the Arcade is an event designed to bring the community to the table. One big, long table in the Arcade! The exciting evening is focused on farm-to-table awareness and supporting our local farmers and food artisans.

Open to all! Visit, sample and learn! A variety of vendors from across New York State will offer samples of their products and mini educational sessions. Buy your favorites to savor at home.

Cocktail Hour on the Mainstage for ticket holders 6:15 – 7:30 pm
Farm to Table dinner in the Arcade 7:30 – 10 pm
Created and prepared from local producers, this meal will be one of a kind! Not only will the Chefs’ Consortium please your palate, one long, white-clothed table down the center of Proctors Arcade is going to be totally cool! It’s something you just can’t miss!

For more information please contact Leesa Perazzo, Special Events/Group Sales Manager at 518•382•3884 x 187 or
Sponsored by Ellis Medicine
Proceeds support Schenectady Greenmarket and Proctors.
Showcase: $20
Dinner (showcase included): $100
Tickets available from Proctors.

The New Products at Adventure in Food Trading 
This week Adventure In Food Trading brings you a selection of new products that we now regularly stock. Paired specifically, this grouping is ideal for any breakfast, brunch, or catering occasion. We are also proud to feature from our Empire 87 program Lloyd Spear, Beekeeper’s delicious honey products. Here is to a relaxing weekend full of family, friends, and brunch.

Large, medium, mini
Original, chocolate, or almond filled
These delicious croissants from Bon Patissier come frozen and ready to bake. Choose from flaky original, delicious chocolate-filled, or savory almond paste-filled.

Empire 87 Feature:
Lloyd Spear, Beekeeper
1 lb. bottles
These local honeys from Lloyd Spear come in a variety of flavors, including Orange Blossom, Wild Flower, Raw, Clover, and combed honey rounds. Excellent for danishes or spreading over almond croissants.


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