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Sell Out Sunday – Cheeses, Beers & Jeers

July 29, 2012

How the summer of 2012 turned into one endless vacation is a mystery. Actually it has been a string of mini-vacations that just keeps on keeping on. I still have another week in Pennsylvania, which is good because I have yet to try the new farm to table restaurant in Bedford County. But I popped in to look at the menu, and it is charming.

After a few days to recover, I’ll be off to East Hampton. So I’ll have to get my white linen pants clean. But seriously, the only thing I want to do while I’m there is get some fried chicken from this place my aunt and her chef friend rave about. Then it’s off again to Providence and another edition of WaterFire. Maybe this time I can swing a trip to The Dorrance.

In the meantime, life goes on in Albany. I’m scheduled to talk with Chef Brian at Creo about his grassfed steer on Monday night. So if you have any burning questions, let me know. The egg and cheese contest just ended, so I’ll be double checking the responses and letting pick two winners. More on that Monday. What about the winner for Outstanding in the Field? Well that news is included in this roundup of letters, emails and press releases from the week.

Outstanding in the Arcade is Postponed
I received the following email from the Schenectady Greenmarket, “Our big event is now postponed — right now we are looking at January 6th…Sorry about that.”

I’m sorry about that too. For those who entered, thanks for playing. But I can’t giveaway tickets to an event that doesn’t exist. Hopefully you understand. Easy come, easy go.

The Cheese Traveler is Spreading Its Joy
Just last night I was chatting with Eric Paul over facebook and he shared the below information:

Coming soon, Mingle will run a cheese plate of cheeses from The Cheese Traveler.
1) Shushan Snow — soft ripened, bloomy rind, sheep’s milk;
2) Pawlett — raw cow’s milk washed-rind;
3) Abby’s Gouda — raw milk Gouda aged approx. 6 months;
4)  Old Chatham Ewe’s Blue — Roquefort style blue.

Even better, they will also be doing a beer flight with it where you can order 1 oz. of 4 different beers paired with the cheese.  It could start as early as this week, so call 518-915-1468 and nag them to find out. [Editor’s note – that last bit was from me and not Eric]

Speaking of Beer, the Druthers Brewpub Opens Soon in Saratoga
From a press release dated July 27, 2012 (Saratoga Springs, NY)

A new craft brewery and brewpub is opening in Saratoga’s Downtown Historic District. Druthers, a 5,100 square foot brewpub and 3,500 square foot beer garden, opens Wednesday, August 1st, 2012.

Given their Druthers, Chris a lawyer, George a one-time bio-chemist, and Brian a financial analyst, are choosing to brew beer. They’re betting the shirts off their backs and living out a lifelong brewery dream.

The beer menu will feature a changing array of seasonal selections and mainstays including an IPA, Wheat Beer, Brown Ale, and Pilsner. Druthers’ master brewer is Albany’s own George de Piro, formerly the master brewer at the Albany Pump Station.  Each of Druthers beers will be brewed as a tribute to the craft brew loving men and women who’ve taken the inspired chances and made the hard choices to live out their Druthers.

In addition to delicious craft brews, Druthers will offer a relaxing ambiance and a brewpub menu that’ll take a fresh (never frozen) locally-sourced approach to pub grub. The menu is inspired by beer, predominantly cooked with beer, and features the best of American cuisine (with bold flavors from Latin, Creole, Midwest, West Coast, and New England influences). A handful of healthy options and sharable appetizers were designed specifically for selectively indulgent craft brew enthusiasts.

Druthers is located at 381 Broadway, Saratoga, NY. For more info on Druthers brews or to keep up with the build progress, check out:


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