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Ice Cream Sandwich Superstars

August 20, 2012

Let’s just go ahead and call this Ice Cream Sandwich Week. Maybe I can get a few other posts snuck into the schedule as well, but this event with the Saratoga Idiots on Saturday may just do me in. Looking back on it, perhaps we shouldn’t have kept voting open for a whole week. That would have given us a bit more time to finalize things with the winning restaurants, so we could sell some tickets, and have us a good old fashioned city versus city ice cream sandwich smack down in peace.

As it stands, we’re still doing all of those things, but the ticket selling period may be crunched into a couple of days before the event. My best guess is that we’ll have a link to tickets by Wednesday or Thursday.

Looking back on it, perhaps we shouldn’t have scheduled the whole thing for Travers Day either. But it was the only date that the Idiots and I could make it happen. Sorry about that too.

Still, come hell or high water, there will be ice cream sandwiches for a lucky few on Saturday. And now that voting has closed, the smack talk can begin, because each city has selected its champions.

Saratoga Springs
Congratulations to Comfort Kitchen and Wheatfields.

Wheatfields was an early supporter/enabler of the Saratoga Idiot’s flight of fancy, quickly banging out this coconut macaroon filled with amaretto gelato. Everyone who tastes it seems to love it. But I have to say that I think this Comfort’s Kitchen’s contest to lose. By undercutting the competition and offering their ice cream sandwich for a paltry $3.50 they seem like a shoe-in for the value category. But can their pizzelle sandwiched ice cream compete against the big boys when all the points are on the line.

Congratulations to Creo and The City Beer Hall

The voting in Albany was a blow out. I count myself among those who are disappointed not to try chef Ric’s blue cheese and fig ice cream sandwich in competition. And despite including a lot of the story behind All Good Baker’s truly creative and seasonal ice cream sandwich, it failed to capture the imagination of the crowd. Summer must find their most vocal fans traveling a lot, because it’s unusual to not hear a loud show of support from their community when AGB is mentioned online.

Now our hopes of an Albany victory rest on the shoulders of chefs Robert and Dimitrios of Creo and The City Beer Hall, respectively. And I like that we are putting forward a daring version and a safe classic one. Smart move Albany.

Creo’s sounds delicious, although some have been concerned that it could be a little polarizing in competition. So while blood orange and fennel ice cream with a salted pistachio cookie dipped in dark chocolate Kahlua is certainly gutsy, it promises to be a vibrant contrast from anything we’ll be seeing in Saratoga.

At the City Beer Hall, we also have the only tried and true ice cream sandwich in the smack down. The single sandwich that has gone on the restaurant’s menu and stayed there, unchanged, in its simple and regional glory. Cider donut ice cream between cinnamon raisin cookies? Who could argue with a classic combo like that.

Honestly, they all sound great. And I really wish we could take you all with us on the tasting. But the good news is that before you know it the Third Annual Tour de Cider Donuts will be upon us. And this year we are heading to Saratoga County. So even if you can’t make this event, there’s another delicious one just around the corner.

More to come on both of these soon.

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  1. August 20, 2012 10:12 am

    I’m also disappointed that the fig/blue cheese combination from NWBB didn’t make the short list! I hope it will go on the menu rotation there at some point (soon).

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