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Bacon and Bannerman

September 7, 2012

How is it Friday already? Yesterday was a madhouse with so many of you lurkers coming out of the woodwork to try and win the tickets to the Chefs Consortium Bannerman Island dinner. It was wonderful. Thanks for finally deciding to show yourselves. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Hopefully now you will feel more comfortable posting comments on a regular basis and lend your voice to the conversation. Seriously. The time for being shy is over.

Anyway in all the excitement I almost forgot about the Bacon Fest giveaway from earlier this week. That one officially ended at midnight on Wednesday, so I just decided to do all my drawings at the same time.

There were seventeen qualifying comments for the big bacon prize and sixty-four qualifying comments for the big Bannerman prize. So, who is feeling lucky?

For the record, yesterday’s post vaulted right up to the second highest number of comments for any story I’ve written on the FLB. The highest of all time is still Would You Like Any Cream or Sugar? which somehow ran on the front page of WordPress for a week. However, it flew past Fussy Little Giveaway: Cookware Edition in which I gave away a cast iron skillet to three people (sort of).

However while I chalked up that cookware giveaway as an early failure, I think yesterday’s promotion was a staggering success. Thank you to everyone who helped spread the news. And remember, those of you who didn’t win, I’m told there are still some seats available for the dinner on Bannerman Island.

You can find all the details at the Chefs Consortium site. But you could also simply call Neil Caplan at 845-831-6346.

Okay. Without further ado, the two bacon soaps and one bacon candle goes to commenter #2. Congratulations to Sabre Sarnataro. I will be contacting you shortly to make sure you get what’s coming to you. As fate would have it Sabre was indeed one of the people who showed up at Bacon Fest after they were out of bacon. And it seemed like she kept a relatively positive attitude despite it all.

I’m glad smiled upon her lucky number.

Speaking of the amazing power of, it is going to put our big winner to the test. Because she (insert disappointed sigh from about half the readers) made a big statement in her comment. And now we’ll see if she sticks to it. Here’s what she wrote:

As romantic a date as this would be, I’d leave the boy at home. If I win, I’ll be taking my 69 year old Dad who has always admired the castle with me!

Well, Maeve McEneny, now is your chance to do it. While there were some great stories about why people should go, ultimately it came down to the random number generator spitting out “Result: 40”. I hope your dad has got some sea legs on him, because there are a lot of steps to climb on the island.

Specifically, the Chefs Consortium recommends walking shoes because you’ll be climbing the island’s 73 steps, dealing with inclines and facing rough terrain. But you’ve got the easy job. You just have to go there and eat. The chefs are the ones who have to make the magic happen.

Congratulations! You will be hearing from one of the chefs later today with the details.

Thank you all for playing. I’m hoping that a few of you who didn’t win might still be inspired to reserve a ticket or two and make the trek down to Bannerman Island on Saturday. If you are so moved, that number again is 845-831-6346. And now you can’t say that you’ll know nobody there, because Maeve is totally going.

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  1. September 7, 2012 9:57 am

    Wow! I never win any thing!! Now it’s time to call Dad to cancel all of his plans!! I’ll take plenty of pictures!

  2. PJT permalink
    September 7, 2012 9:30 pm

    Oh so close but so far away. Only 15 digits away. Not really so close, kind of like ordering Mac & Cheese and getting a bowl with only Mac. But it was fun hoping. Thanks for putting the tickets up, a very generous gift.

  3. September 12, 2012 11:13 pm

    Thanks Daniel! I will be smelling of bacon in no time. :)

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