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SOS: Week of Wonders

December 2, 2012

Next week is full of treats. To start it all off, I’ve got a very exciting giveaway on deck for Monday. Tuesday I’ll reveal the results from yesterday’s Tour de Mozz & Melba. It’s already time for another Ask the Profussor, so that’s on tap for Wednesday. My birthday is Thursday; there will be cake and lobster. Friday is a pizza party. And Saturday I expect to be freezing my ass off.

Plus I’ve got plans to make pasta from scratch for the first time in my life, help the good folks at Albany Distilling Company put their Ironweed Bourbon into bottles, and let’s not forget that Saturday night is the first night of Chanukah. Let the celebration of the oil begin!

Like I said, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

So today, I’m just going to share some news with you about events and food goings on that have come to my attention over the past week. This includes the crazy thing I’ll be doing on Saturday in the cold, the thing I’m going to miss while I’m “working” at the distillery, and some good news from an Albany restaurant whose neighbors are all good.

Relax, It Doesn’t Involve Speedos (well, at least for me)
Winter WonderLARK is Saturday, December 8 from Noon to 5pm

Yes, this is the same event that includes the Santa Speedo Sprint, which will be run at 2pm. But thankfully, I’ll be too busy working to run. Instead I’ll be one of the people manning The Chef’s Consortium table, where I’m hoping they’ll actually let me cook. But even if I’m just handing out samples of my chef friends’ delicious food, I’ll be happy to spread the gospel about cooking with local and seasonal ingredients.

So if you are in the area, you should drop by and taste what we’re cooking.

Skidmore Students Support Slow Saratoga Supper
Slow Food Saratoga is having a dinner at 6:30pm on Tuesday, December 4

Here’s the blurb:

Join us for a Slow Food event that will bring local Saratoga food lovers, farmers, chefs, and Skidmore students together to join in celebrating our community and our relationship to food.  The hope is that we can come together and build relationships around growing, cooking, buying, and eating food that will benefit our personal and community health and sustainability. Guests of honor to be announced!

Brought to you by:  Slow Food Saratoga, Sustainable Skidmore, the Environmental Studies Program at Skidmore College, and Dining Services at Skidmore College.

Tickets cost $25 for non-members (plus a $1.87 service fee).

Better Beef Begets Better Bulgokee
Mingle reports they are sourcing better ingredients

Recently I got an encouraging email from a local restaurant. I’ve mentioned in the past that Nick and Britin from All Good Bakers had been talking a lot with Jose about their food philosophy. Well, it seems to be rubbing off. Here’s the note:

We’ve been busy over here at 544 Delaware developing our new menu.  We really tried to make the next turn in our “farm to table” goal by adding Buckley Beef as a permanent vendor for our beef.  We currently shop the Honest Weight Food Co-op for our locally/ organic vegetables, as well as, Brickman Produce (who the Co-op buys from).  Through the Co-op & Brickman we are also going to offer Wild Caught Salmon specials throughout the upcoming weeks and Free Range Chicken dishes. Due to costs we cannot have the salmon and chicken on our permanent menu, but the produce & beef are a good end of “Business Year One” goal we have reached :) Thanks for the support!

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