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SOS – Slidin’ Through the Rye

July 7, 2013

I’ve kind of neglected these Sell Out Sunday posts for a while. And my negligence may have cost you a bottle of rye. But I haven’t heard any other voices chiming in about pre-ordering the aged Ironweed Rye from the Albany Distilling Company. It was just released yesterday, and I have no idea if it’s all gone or if you can still get a bottle. Anyway, that information and more follows.

There is a lot of other stuff going on from some great local food institutions. Not least of which is a national television appearance of Slidin’ Dirty. Our beloved local food truck actually cleaned up its act a little bit before taking their turn in the spotlight. AND they’ve published the recipe for how to make their avocado fries. In exchange for sharing it with you, I’m asking for a small favor (if you happen to read this early enough on Sunday).

And there are some new products on the shelves at both The Cheese Traveler and Fin: Your Fishmonger. Fin incidentally is fuelling what looks like an amazing oysterfest at Troy’s wine bar, and surely this time they’ll make sure to have more oysters at the ready.

Okay here we go.

Yikes This is Time Sensitive
Congratulations to Slidin’ Dirty on their national television appearance on LIVE! with Regis and Kathy Lee, um… I guess it’s now Kelly and Michael. Despite multiple tries I’ve still never been able to try their avocado fries. And now they are tempting America with them? It doesn’t seem fair. Anyway, you can watch the segment of the show below. I had wanted to embed the video, but for some reason it’s just not working. You are going to have to actually click a link, sorry.

The Dirty Morning Show

It’s probably for the best that I don’t fry at home, otherwise I’d probably start obsessively making these avocado fries now that I have the recipe. Oh? Didn’t I share that with you yet? Okay. Here it is, but there’s just one catch.

Should you happen to see this before 9:59 AM EST, do the good folks at Slidin’ Dirty a solid and give them a winning score on their video performance. The food trucks from the bigger cities could have an advantage in this round, so we smaller markets really need to rally behind our champions.

I can’t blame Slidin’ Dirty for trucking down to Manhattan for the national exposure, but the selfish part of me wants them to stay here and spend that time prepping more avocado fries.

Ironweed Rye is here!
[Note from the Profussor: I got this press release a while back, so please forgive the future tense and know that you can’t pre-order it anymore since it released yesterday. K. Thanks.]

After just over six months of patient waiting, we are ready to bottle our Ironweed Rye Whiskey. We will be releasing it on Saturday, July 6th, and it will only be available at the distillery.

We anticipate having around 600 bottles, and they’re going to go fast! Bottles have a suggested retail price of $47.99, and we will be selling them here for $52.99 with an engraved crystal Glencairn tasting glass. If you’d like to reserve a bottle or two, please send an email to with the product you’d like (Ironweed Rye, in this case), your name, and whether you’d like one or two bottles. If you have already sent us an email, don’t worry! We’re going to start sending out confirmation emails later this week with more detailed instructions.

We will of course be open as usual for tours and tastings on the 6th, so come on by and make an afternoon out of it!

And while we’re happy to add a fourth product to our family of whiskies, we’re still very excited about our rum! We’ve really been enjoying it as the weather gets warmer, and we’re sure you will too. Even though we can’t sell it or give tastings at the distillery, you can still give it a try or pick up a bottle at one of these fine establishments!

The Cheese Traveler Imported Mozzarella
It’s a crazy thing to do. There’s mozzarella all over the place. I hear in Scotia there’s even a spot with tableside mozzarella service where they make your cheese to order as you watch. That is something I really want to eat, and I keep beating myself up for not making the trip out for the experience.

But the one at The Cheese Traveler is special. Just like all of their cheeses. Check this one out. It’s also in limited supply, so you may want to call ahead to make sure they’ve got some before you head to the shop. Specifically, to make mozzarella you are really supposed to start by grabbing the buffalo by the udders. Have you ever seen a buffalo? I think that’s why most cheesemakers stick to cows.

Here’s a pic along with the price. It’s gorgeous and it’s not cheap. But that’s probably not a surprise.

Pretty cheese

My Fish Wish
Fin: Your Fishmonger occasionally asks what items their customers would like to see them make. And without fail I always ask for fish sticks. It’s a long story. Some of it involves Doctor Who. Some of it involves children’s book characters Charlie and Lola.

Regardless, my kids want fish sticks. And I want them to have fish sticks made from good stuff. Also, I have no interest in assembling these myself. It would also take the “magic” out of fish sticks, if the kids saw me making them.

After months of pestering, Fin has made some. I shouldn’t be telling you this. Because then you are going to buy all my fishsticks. But I’m happy to spread the news because Dora said she put a bag aside for me in the freezer.

Troyster Tuesday
Speaking of Fin, I mentioned that they were fueling the oyster fest at the Lucas Confectionery in Troy. The inaugural event was last Tuesday and they ran out of oysters. Hopefully this time they’ll order more.

It’s 5 PM to 7 PM in the Garden rain or shine. That’s where the oysters are being shucked, but if it’s raining, you can take your bivalves and enjoy them indoors. The price will vary based on the variety of oyster. Last week they were from Wallace Bay, Canada and a buck a pop, served raw on the half shell with homemade sauces, including miso ginger and prosecco mignonette.

Troyster Tuesdays will recur indefinitely. Duncan Crary also reminds me that Troy has some history with oysters. So just be careful enjoying them at the Confectionery, eat too many and you just may go back in time.

I think that’s it. Now get out there and enjoy the good stuff.

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  1. July 7, 2013 3:37 pm

    We got our bottle of Ironweed Rye yesterday. The guys actually bottled one for us 2 weeks ago to try to have at our wedding, but we couldn’t get there in time to pick it up. So they drank it. Now we have a pretty bottle with a label that we don’t have to share with wedding guests! It’s so yummy!

  2. July 7, 2013 7:29 pm

    Happy to oblige you (and little Miss Fussy) re: the fishsticks. For the moment, they are the haddock variety. And, quite yummy. Soon, we’ll add halibut to the fishstick mix.
    On another note, we are thrilled to be working with the awesome folks at The Confectionery! We’re going to play with oysters for a bit. Expect the unexpected!

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