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The NY NJ Super Bowl

January 28, 2014

Did I already tell you this story? A few months ago, I found myself at an all-night diner outside of Newark with the kids. We were waiting for Mrs. Fussy to fly in from who-knows-where, and figured I’d give the children an important cultural experience.

In the corner of the diner there was a television on, and some people were watching the football game. It was the New York Giants vs. the Dallas Cowboys.

Young Master Fussy had recently taken up a nascent interest in the sport, so I thought I would explain what was happening on the screen. For the benefit of his younger sister, I decided to frame that description in terms of good guys and bad guys. Sure, this could be a dangerous gambit in the wrong context. Truth be told, the diner and its patrons were both a little rough around the edges. But we were awfully close to the Meadowlands, so I took an educated guess that we were surrounded by Giants fans.


Me: How can you not root for the New Jersey team?
Them: Because they aren’t the New Jersey team.
Me: But where do they play their home games?
Them: Well, tell me this… if they win, where do they throw the parade?

It was a good point. Now let me tell you what this has to do with food.

I have a Super Bowl ritual that has been evolving over time. Mostly it’s an excuse for me to eat a lot of spicy food and drink too much beer, all while taking four hours out of my day and parking myself in front of the television to watch a football game.

And I love it.

Yes, I know that some folks do this every weekend. But for me, once a year is plenty. I sometimes think it might be fun to follow a football team for the entire season, but it’s a commitment of time that I just can’t seem to make.

Well, part of my tradition involves incorporating some of the foodstuffs from the region where the Super Bowl is being played. Last year when it was down in New Orleans, not only did I have red beans and rice, but I also sprinkled cajun seasoning on my popcorn. Damn, that was good.

This year I’m considering giving up the televised broadcast in favor of the free live streaming offered by Fox Sports. As I was researching this option I came across the most unusual logo. You can see it here. It attempts to blend NY and NJ into some odd three character mash-up.

Buffalo-wing sauce always plays a critical role in my Super Bowl celebration. So that covers off the NY side of the equation. How do I find a way for Jersey to represent? Well, I think it’s probably easier since I’m here in the Garden State. But my idea has nothing to do with anything green.

Obviously, the answer is pork roll. But how to eat it is the question.

I’m going to take out a hoagie from Hoagie Haven. It’s been a long long time since my last one, and I think I’ve recovered. Maybe I can even invent one appropriate for this grand occasion. Perhaps it is hash browns with eggs, bacon and pork roll that is then topped with a chicken cutlet tossed with Buffalo sauce. That would pay homage to the NY/NJ conundrum. Or maybe I leave New York out of the sandwich entirely and simply add fried macaroni and cheese bites and hot sauce instead of the chicken cutlet and Buffalo sauce.

Oh, the difficult decisions that await me. Maybe I can find some non-Coors beer from Colorado and some other beer from Washington to wash it all down.

Go Seahawks.

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  1. January 28, 2014 2:03 pm

    Pretty sure you should be able to find some Oscar Blues beer (from Colorado) out there, with the added bonus that it’s offered in cans.

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