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Back in Time

June 13, 2014

The best part about typewriters was being able to pull your work out from the rollers and tear it up into little pieces or crumple it up into a little ball, if whatever you were writing wasn’t coming together.

Typing on a laptop isn’t nearly so satisfying. Last night I started a post and then thought better of it. The thing wasn’t quite working for various reasons anyhow. Maybe I’ll tackle the subject again once I sleep on it a bit. Or maybe it will get lost to the seas of neglect.

Anyhow, that left me in a bit of a lurch for today’s post. So I’m going to rely on a bit of a cheap trick and go back in time. The good news is that June 13 has been a pretty great day for posts in the past. Here, take a look.

2013 – The Wheelhouse

Oh man, this was the write up of All Good Baker’s first dinner. A year ago the restaurant was turning a new page and growing in a great direction. Now it is gone. But you can remember it from the post above where I compared the meal to the experience of eating at Chez Panisse in Berkeley.

2012 – Sea of Green

The late spring/early summer of 2012 was a bumper crop for the CSA. I do really miss having all of those vegetables every week. Even though I can go to the farmers market and buy whatever I like, my family eats more vegetables when a mass quantity of them is thrust upon us weekly whether we want them or not. Generally, I find a way to use them all. When left to my own devices, we eat mostly string beans, peas and carrots. Sigh. Gotta fix that.

2011 – Baker Baiting

It all started with a simple question, “What is not to like about a small piece of cake when it is made properly?” The question was intended to be about cupcakes. But while cupcakes are indeed truly awful, a small, well-made piece of cake is delightful. And somewhere along the way this post morphed into a love letter to Crisan on Lark street. It will be good to get back in there. I haven’t found anything quite like it down here.

2010 – NY Wine Earns Its Bad Rap

Lest you think that June is all about love letters, seasonal bounty and farm-to-table dinners, all they way back in 2010 I posted this little screed about wine. I remember it well. I took a lot of flack for it, but I still stand by the sentiments. We have some good wine. A lot of it is improving, and our best wines keep getting better. But NY produces a lot more stinkers than gems. Really I think that many winemakers are really frustrated brandy distillers. And I’m always happy to talk more about wine with anyone who will listen.

2009 – How Cheese Came Into My Life: The Early Years

Cheese was one of the driving forces that put me on a path to great culinary discoveries. And as I looked back on it, I came to realize that food had been an obsession of mine from a very early age. This is the first part of an extended series that tracks how cheese changed my life. I still think it’s a compelling read, but it’s totally self-indulgent.

You know, kind of like this exercise of going back through five years of posts. The only difference is back then I reserved this kind of navel-gazing for Saturdays, and now I’m running this story on a Friday.

That’s the sabbatical for you. Don’t worry, it’s almost over.

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