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Pizza. Boxes.

July 2, 2014

Moving to Princeton was a whole lot easier than moving back.

Every part of my body hurts. After spending Monday loading and unloading the U-Haul with all the worldly possessions we brought to New Jersey, Tuesday was dedicated to loading and unloading the same U-Haul with everything we put in storage out in Colonie.

Now, we’re surrounded by boxes. But I don’t think the boxes are quite as overwhelming as all of the stuff inside the boxes. How did we amass all of this stuff? I see my aches and pains as penance for my excess.

Unpacking has finally begun, but we still haven’t freed our plates, glasses, or silverware. Just last night I found the Bialetti Moka Express. So now if I can find a teaspoon to measure the sugar, a spoon that won’t melt for whipping the crema, and a couple of non-paper cups, we can have a happy caffeinated morning, Cuban style.

Surrounded by boxes. Exhausted from the move. And without any tools handy for proper cooking or eating, there was really only one option.


It didn’t even matter that I had a slice of pizza for lunch at I Love NY on Central in Colonie. It was on the way to the storage unit, and not only was it on the right side of the road, but I was able to find a place to park my truck.

The pizza wasn’t great, though. I Love NY has a few locations that do better work: upper Union Street in Schenectady and Western Avenue in Guilderland have always been solid for cheese slices.

Yesterday, though, the bottom crust was blonde and floury. It was almost pasty. And thick. But with good caramelized cheese and a flavorful sauce, the slice wasn’t entirely without its merits. It did the job. I didn’t have to empty the storage unit on an empty stomach, but the slice itself brought little pleasure. Poor crust really is a deal breaker for me.

There was a lot more pleasure at dinnertime when I finally got to try the DC sausage pie. You remember, the one that gave DeFazio’s a run for its money, but couldn’t quite outscore the Troy pizzeria’s magnificent Buffalo chicken pie.

Usually, when pizza comes into my house regardless whether it’s takeout or delivery, the slices get blasted for a few minutes in a blazingly hot oven. This process tends to reverse the damage of time and the deterioration caused by steaming in a pizza box.

But this is not standard for the AOA TOP, and anyway, yesterday was so hot that Mrs. Fussy would have totally flipped if I suggested turning on the oven.

The sweat was literally pouring off my head as I was performing my penance earlier in the day.

I can see why this takeout pie got high marks. The sausage was really great. The sauce employed a deft use of herbs. The quality cheese DC uses was beautifully caramelized too. Sure, it’s a bit thick. But that’s in keeping with a more upstate style. And I’m not crazy about the hashmarks on the bottom that are indicative of a pizza screen.

It’s also no mystery why pizza cognoscenti like Jon in Albany are less thrilled with this shop. The DC pizza is an unimpeachable option for takeout. It may not be world-class pizza. But if you get the sausage, you’ll be stacking the deck in your favor. I’m glad to live within their delivery zone.

Now it’s off to return the truck and hopefully find my cold brew bucket so I can get back to the cold coffee of summer. I just want to go outside and play. But if these boxes linger around for much longer, the Fussies are totally going to lose it.

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  1. July 2, 2014 11:01 am

    You were just steps away from Pizza Mare – next door in the little strip mall. I think they’ve got some of the best pizza in the area. But seriously, do takeout. The restaurant area is dismal.

  2. July 2, 2014 1:17 pm

    Pizza cognoscenti…I’ve certainly been called worse things than that.

    Welcome back.

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