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The One Thing You Must Do Today

November 27, 2014

It’s later than I expected and I’m behind in my cooking. So I have to make this short and sweet.

What are holidays without traditions? Well, we have one here at the FLB. Every year the same link gets posted, and readers are encouraged to sit around with their friends and families to watch the same eighteen minutes and thirty six seconds of audio visual material.

Some might think it’s about entertainment. But it’s not. Some might dismiss it as being about aging hippies. They might have a point. But it’s really about social justice. Which isn’t to say it’s not entertaining, because it is. And it all started forty eight thanksgivings ago.

Feeling frustrated with the state of the world? Wish we weren’t engaged in endless wars overseas? Don’t know what to do when it looks like U.S. police are declaring war against unarmed protesters?

I’m not sure that this song has the best answer. But it has an answer. Although you have to make it to the very end to hear it. And I can’t say that it worked all that well for its generation either. But I do know there are people today working hard to heal the world. I’m thankful to them, and wish them the wit and wisdom of prior generations to drive out the darkness with the light of compassion.

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you can make it through today without going out and buying anything.

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