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Photo Friday: No More Words

March 20, 2015

Well, it’s another week. A lot happened. A lot didn’t get done. Food was consumed. Words were written. Pictures were taken.

I’m spent. Hopefully I can recharge a bit on Saturday, because it all starts up again on Sunday. With any luck I’ll be able to hit the Rock N Roll Brunch, the Jewish Food Festival, and get a visit in to West Wind Acres.

We’ll have to see. And now I have no more words. So I’m going to share some recent pictures. Some versions of these may have made their way onto social media platforms. It’s hard to keep track of it all.

Okay. Here we go.

Jack C. had the brilliant idea of ordering double pepperoni on Ralph’s pizza. My mind was blown, but it was exactly the right answer. Instead of two rounds on each slice it went up to an average of four.


This is the main reason to go to Ralph’s Tavern, their mozzarella sticks with raspberry sauce. Yes. Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes.


No. No. No. A thousand times no. For the sake of science and on the strength of Starbucks’ marketing materials I tried one of their flat whites. I even remember to ask for whole milk. I’m starting to realize that Starbucks is to espresso what Dunkin’ is to donuts.


It’s always good to end on something sweet. This is the tres leches from La Mexicana. We were sitting under green, blue and red lights, hence the odd colors. The chocolate syrup from earlier versions has been replaced with a fudgy chocolate sauce, and we seem to have gotten an extra cherry stem. I could have done with less whipped cream and more sweetened condensed milk. Because, man that stuff is good. I remember eating it out of the can when I was younger. Mmm. I should do that again soon.

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  1. March 20, 2015 5:42 pm

    That new iPhone of yours sure takes some mighty fine pictures. :)

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