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Bread Stuffing

March 31, 2015

Egads! Do you know what happens on Friday? I have to stop eating bread for a week. And it’s not just bread, it’s all wheaty things that swell with water. So pasta is out. Beer is forbidden. Whiskey goes bye bye.

The five grains we avoid during passover are wheat, barley, spelt (also known as farro), oats, and rye. Fortunately, my observances aren’t as strict as those who fully commit to traditional festival observances. For example, we don’t take all the prohibited grains out of the house, we don’t use a separate set of plates, and we eat a host of things that most people would avoid.

Still, for someone who lives on carbohydrates, gluten and all things bready, this holiday is pure torture. So, I’m doing the only sensible thing someone like me could possibly do. And that’s gorge myself on bread now in preparation for the want to come.

All of my Yelp check-ins have migrated over to the Yelp Albany Twitter feed. If you’ve been missing these updates, now you know where to stalk me find them. I only mention this because I’ve been visiting a lot of pizza places lately.

Saturday I had a little mini tour of slices on upper Western Avenue stopping in at DC Pizza and Torino just a few doors down. I wish I had something good to say about either of them, but unfortunately I don’t.

Sunday after getting one of my favorite bialys at the Eastern Parkway Price Chopper in Schenectady, I went out for some pizza at Pizza King. There will be a full Yelp review update coming this week, but the place just isn’t the same now that the King is gone. The place is still solid, but it no longer achieves such glorious heights.

Sunday night, Albany Jane dropped off a loaf of freshly baked pumpkin bread. I didn’t eat the whole thing when it was warm, maybe just a quarter of the loaf. And on Monday morning, I toasted up a big thick slice and shmeared it with shmaltz.

Which of course made me think of the now local brewery, and all the beers I have in the house I should probably drink before Friday. Plus there were all the beers I tried at the Allen Street Pub on Saturday as part of their Spring Cask Tap.

Then there have been the bread snacks. The boy didn’t finish his peanut butter sandwich, and I wasn’t even going to let that bread go to waste. So I stuffed it full of dark chocolate, threw some butter in the cast iron skillet, and grilled a crisp golden crust onto that thing. The now molten chocolate core of the sandwich oozed out the edges, and I was in bread heaven.

Last night, I snuck some bites of macaroni and cheese from a box. I may have also had a small bowl of orzo in chicken broth.

Don’t stop me, I’m on a roll.

And speaking of rolls, Wednesday is the first Official Yelp Event for the Capital Region, proudly hosted by Slidin’ Dirty. They’ve got some pretty killer rolls. And I’m looking forward to some sliders, and finally getting my very first taste of their famous avocado fries. It’s amazing how slow I am at getting to the awesome food that’s made in these parts.

You all are very patient with me, and I thank you. I guess I’m too busy pursuing other ridiculous flights of fancy to eat the things that are high up on my list. Like scheduling the next tour, which incidentally will be April 25. Save the date. Details to come.

First I stuff myself with bread. Then I abstain from bread. Then I stuff myself with ice cream. And at some point I’ll start exercising again. Or at least I’ll start mowing the lawn. It would be good to work up a sweat that doesn’t come from eating too much butter at a sitting. One thing at a time.

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  1. March 31, 2015 9:34 am

    Going to be eating a lot of quinoa next week!

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