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Room At The Farm

June 8, 2015

Tomorrow is CSA Day!
Yes! Yes! Yes!

I may be a wee little bit excited. This year I found a partner to split the share with me. I didn’t ask if he wanted to be a silent partner or not, but I hope he’ll chime in here with periodically with tales of his take. Regardless, I’m thrilled to go halfsies with someone in order to slow down the ongoing influx of amazing farm fresh vegetables.

Really, I blame the kids for not eating their share. They are perfectly happy forgoing dessert and eating around the vegetables that have been deemed undesirable. But there’s no begging or cajoling. Dinner isn’t the time for a power struggle. We’ve got rules and systems in place. Yet somehow, I continue to fail to get the children eating most of this amazing produce.

That said, even the little ones look forward to the snap peas and Roxbury’s corn on the cob. And I can’t even believe I’m going to say this… I’m actually looking forward to the salad greens.

In the past, it was almost impossible to score a share from Roxbury Farm. I missed out the first couple years I was here. The farm would regularly sell out of shares. Most of those who bought in the prior year would renew, leaving precious few shares available to newcomers like me.

But something has changed. The produce has continued to get better and better. Plus, the farm has expanded. That’s good news for last minute vegetable lovers.

Even though the CSA starts tomorrow, there is still room to get into it today. Here, lightly edited, is the note I got from the farm:

We need more CSA members to meet our farm operation budget for the 2015 season. If we can get 10 CSA members at each of our sites we can reach the 1100 member mark (except for Troy, that site is full). Help us reach our goal! And connect more people to where their food comes from.

The Capital District also has two new drop-off locations: one in the Newtonville/Latham area at 112 Greenleaf Drive in Latham and another in Cohoes at the Holy Trinity Parish Center at 1 Marie Lane in Cohoes. Spread the word. If either one of these locations are more convenient for you, we will be happy to switch your site. Contact the farm at or 518-758-8558.

Thank you!
Jody and Jean-Paul for the Roxbury Farm Crew

Troy does it again. That city has got it going on. As far as the details on the other pickup locations, you can check them out online, but for the sake of convenience I thought I’d list them below.

Albany: South Main Avenue
Location: 280 South Main Ave.

Albany: Eileen Street
Location: 112 Eileen St.

Location: Mt.Olivet Missionary Baptist Church, 1068 Park Ave.

Location: Immaculate Conception Church, Route 50

Location: 25 Fairway Avenue off of Elsmere Avenue

Location: Holy Trinity Parish Center, 1 St. Marie Lane

Location: 112 Greenleaf Drive Latham

A vegetable share for the season comes to about $600 for 23 weeks. Given the quality and the expected quantity this is an astonishing value. You can blow through $25 at the farmers market without batting an eyelash. The same sum would give Mrs. Fussy and I so much produce over the course of the week that any meal consumed out of the home all but guaranteed that we wouldn’t finish our share before the next one arrived.

Splitting shares makes a ton of sense. So I’d highly recommend finding someone with whom to divide the calendar. I’m confident that it’s going to make this experience infinitely less stressful to someone like me who abhors waste.

Or maybe you’re the kind of person who likes putting things up for the winter. In theory, my pressure cooker doubles as a pressure canner. But then I’d have to figure it out.

I’m so excited. Hopefully, more of you will join me in this adventure. Eating locally and seasonally is so delicious, and it makes you realize just how easy it is to make great dinners when you’re starting with great ingredients.

More importantly, It will make you far less patient for restaurants who serve out of season produce. A caprese salad with Roxbury’s tomatoes and basil, with some great mozzarella di bufala from The Cheese Traveler, and some high quality aromatic olive oil will put (almost) every restaurant version of the dish to shame.

The experience is yours for the taking. I hope you grab it.

Pick up the phone today. Call 518-758-8558 and pick up your first veggies tomorrow. Then you can thank me on Wednesday.

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  1. theresa518 permalink
    June 8, 2015 9:57 am

    I am glad I am not the only one that had 6/9 circled on my calendar like a prisoner awaiting parole!!!

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