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The Posts That Never Made It

July 8, 2015

It’s fair to say that I think about food more than your average bear. Perhaps it’s no accident that when I was a kid, one of my favorite cartoon characters was the food-obsessed Yogi Bear.

So I’ve got this blog. And it’s a great vehicle for getting all of these thoughts out of my head. But I only write one post a day, usually late in the evening when the world is quiet. That means sometimes when I’ve got a notion about food that starts rattling around in my brain during the day, I have to write it down and put it aside to write about later.

These days, when the inspiration strikes, I’ll ask Siri to take a note. But all of these ideas find their way into a large Google doc I’ve been maintaining for years. Now, it’s become impossibly long. Many of these stories are either stale or I’ve just lost interest in writing them. And I have to face the fact that they’ll never be converted into a post.

However, I can’t bear to simply delete them. Instead, I’m going to share them with you. Hopefully this will be more interesting than it sounds.

Freezer Meals ala Graceful Little Honeybee

Uses for Old Bread (from the ZUNI cookbook)

Waste Not Want Not (Laddoo cookies)

What to do with leftover chickpea flour

TJs mac and cheese – make a slurry of the powder in milk before adding

Steaks for WrigsMac (minute steaks with filet mignon)

Try some popover recipes

What cooking techniques go into the generic mediterranean dish?

Cooking for 4 vs. Cooking for 1

Roast Chicken in a Pot (w/bread)

Easy if you have 3 Days – Diplomatico

Vegetarian Dinners

Easy Skillet Fries (wedges)

Frugal Feeding Tips

Tales from the CSA (Salsa)

Gut Health

Certified Organic Grocery Store?

Drink More Water Flow Chart


Natural & Artificial Flavors

Nothing Comforting About Comfort Food

Beers with Brother-in-Law (Bells Expedition Stout & Acme IPA)

15 Church Fall Cocktail Menu 

Cider vs. Juice vs. hard cider

Cocktail Menu (Dona Tomas v. Mexican Radio – existence of prices)

If you would find it unacceptable to invite people over to your house for a party and charge them for cocktails, then the same should hold for a wedding.
But this isn’t about being “cheap” it’s about misplaced priorities.
I’m with Miss Manners when it comes to wedding planning priorities:
– First, figure out who you want at your wedding.
– Second, figure out how much you can reasonably spend on the event.
– Third, plan the details of the wedding and reception around those.
If that means tea and finger sandwiches being poured and passed by dear friends of the couple, then so be it. The point of weddings and receptions is to help commemorate the occasion. If anyone you know will be a grump at the wedding because your reception won’t have an open bar, see priority number one.

Lucas Confectionery wine list

Coppersea-Distilling (CHARLEBOIS!)

Reasonably good sherry

Brandy vs. Brandy

Vermouth Tasting

Is there a traditional time for drinking Scotch (before or after dinner, for example)? Or a traditional way to drink it (with or without a meal, with a cigar)?

RUSTIC wine in a box – and why that’s good

The line outside the bar – for OTE?

Terrified of the wine list

Beer paralysis

VeeV Cocktail at Home

SPRING – Where did iced coffee come from?

Hot Beer

Bourbon Tasting

The one thing to eat at Starbucks

Major League XLB at Ala Shanghai

Six Small Cities with Big Food Scenes

Pizza worth a drive for… once. How far will you go for food? (Paris for butter, Philly for cheesesteaks, Flushing for dim sum)

More on Organic Honey

West Virginia Salt

Regional Italian Sandwiches at the place in Princeton

Foodie Friday: Vox Pop Talking Points

Local chocolate companies (Peter’s owned by Cargill)

Financier > Cupcake

Giving people what they want vs. following your vision (nobody was clamoring for iPods before Apple brought them to market)

Check Out Eggs from 8 Mile Farm?

Olive oil tasting results

Off the Grid – ginamodschooler April 25, 2012 1:39 pm
Lick in Hudson and Catskill Mountain Foundation in Hunter serves Jane’s Ice Cream, which is made in Kingston. I’m pretty sold on their Killer Chocolate. But I don’t know if you count Columbia/Greene counties in your estimation of the region – technically we are, but the mindset seems to be that we’re sort of off that grid.

Cheese on a stick – dangerous deadly delicious disgusting

Call Rolf’s re: Baconing

Ed Lass Sandwich

What makes Subway the Best

Reach out to Subway fans

Eat the Moe’s Burrito

Chicken Joe’s

Bake for You


CHINESE – Which regions represented

Good stuff – happy charcuterie at Gastropub

Creo vs. Creo

Fall Menus

Balsamic Reduction

Steppenwolf – Two eaters in one body – “I’m hungry for chicken parm” vs. “What does the Chef have in store for me tonight”

Food Waste and Food Recovery

Maple tasting – Chocolate tasting

Menu Trends

Food Maps

Sandwiches in America

Meat Labels

Airline food, still awful

Ginkgo Nuts


After listening to that the radio show last Friday, it’s clear that more consumer education is direly needed in the region. Even more than I had thought. I’ve got to start thinking bigger.

Sweating the Small Stuff

Beef: Grass vs. Grain – chefs’ consortium

ALBANY IS SCARED (scared to try new things, scared to go downtown, scared to venture past their neighborhood)

Schedule Saratoga Cheese Cave Tour

Meet with Mezza Notte lady

PA cheese thing


Email – Mildreds Meadow

Email – HWFC cheese guy

Email – Chipotle (tomatoes, jalapenos, brown rice, margarita mix?)

Foods I only eat once a year

The end of winter – Cayuga Pure Organics

Products – Chocolate Chip Cookies

In defense of ketchup

Taking other menus to task

Integrity – ala shanghai – peter pause – dirty dans – cappuccino joint

Low Expectations: “Meat isn’t green and the vegetables aren’t brown”

And would you believe this is only a partial list? I’m never going to run out of material for writing this blog. Never.

6 Comments leave one →
  1. July 8, 2015 10:01 am

    Gut health? I’m all over that!

  2. July 8, 2015 11:05 am

    That chick pea flour link is quite a tease. Leads to a recipe that uses a full 3 T of the stuff. I had the same problem as you and the hack was to forget about it till the bugs got it. There is probably a better solution for using leftover chickpea flour so I hope you’ll return to it.

    Otherwise, quite a list and quite an insight into the mind of the profusser. Like “Inside Out” crossed with “Babette’s Feast”.

    • July 8, 2015 10:44 pm

      yeah, i have about 25# of the stuff kicking around and no real outlet

  3. Jean Patiky permalink
    July 8, 2015 10:40 pm

    You have one helluva creative mind!!!

  4. Kerosena permalink
    July 9, 2015 10:11 am

    If you felt like reviving ‘drink more water,’ ‘natural and artificial flavors,’ ‘comfort food,’ ‘eat at Starbucks (???),’ ‘chix parm vs. chef,’ ‘foods once a year,’ ‘integrity,’ and/or ‘low expectations,’ I wouldn’t be mad at ya.

  5. albanylandlord permalink
    July 14, 2015 8:09 pm

    Wow, you must feel better with this list no longer rattling around in your head.

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