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Photo Friday: Leaving the Farm

July 10, 2015

It’s amazing how little I’ve been mentioning the farm this week. I think I can feel the heart disease and diabetes setting in. Seriously, I’ve been eating like a jerk. And even so, we’ve barely made a dent on our supplies. Plus I’ve stocked up on some locally made pepperoni sticks for Albany Jane.

Words might even do more justice to these comestibles than the pictures themselves. And some things have been so good that I’ve forgotten to take a picture of them (out of sheer enthusiasm to get them in my mouth). The scrapple fried in butter was a great recent example.

So anyway, I’ve got to enjoy my last full day in PA. With luck I’ll make it to The Cow for my requisite ice cream soda, made with chocolate soda and vanilla soft serve. Dinner tonight will be local beef hamburgers, locally made hot dogs, and the rest of the meats in the fridge.

There have also been a lot of beers, and that’s inspired me to take up an Untappd account to help keep track of them all. But I’m not taking pictures of beers. Below are the things that I am documenting.  

Before coming down to the farm, I was eating relatively well. Like this avocado toast. IMG_1544Of course there were some treats like this poorly sliced charcuterie from Whole Foods. IMG_1558 I guess there were some splurges when guests came to town at Famous Lunch. IMG_1591 And I had to take them to Ted’s for Fish Fry and onion rings. IMG_1588 Amazingly, off season apple cider donuts from Indian Ladder were damn good. IMG_1580 This box was brought down to the farm from Ohio. Do you know what’s inside? IMG_1634 Cinnamon sticks. My lord, those are delicious. I’m not so into sweets, but these satisfy my fat tooth.IMG_1633 Pancakes being made on the farm. Impossibly light, tender, and delicious. IMG_1640 Fat stacks of pancakes for the table. It’s a quadruple batch. Served with real PA maple syrup too. IMG_1641 Locally made breakfast sausage links. I don’t want to tell you how many I ate. IMG_1642 Vanilla frozen custard blended with milk and strawberries. Calling it a shake is a disservice. IMG_1645

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