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Somewhere Out By West Virginia

August 3, 2015

Technically, it’s Maryland. But out here the political boundaries seem all gerrymandered anyhow. We’re close to the intersection of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. I was just looking at a map today and realized we have West Virginia to our east (in addition to our west).

This is vacation. We’re renting a house with some old friends. And there will be lots of adventures. Although, I may not want to leave the house. We’ve got Settlers of Catan, a foosball table, a hot tub, plenty of fretted instruments, Dungeons & Dragons, and a pool table.

Even though part of me wants to just stay in the house and hang out, there’s another side of me that wants to explore this new corner of the country. Heck, maybe some of you have even been here before.

Accident, Maryland. It’s not the most auspicious sounding town. But it’s right by Deep Creek Lake. And my understanding is that people from D.C. come out here for vacation. So far, it’s clear there are a lot of churches. But not a whole lot else.

Although, some of our friends who arrived earlier went to the grocery store and came back with a giant log of amish butter. Quite literally, I was squealing with delight. I may have had some quiet moments talking to the butter when (almost) nobody else was looking.

Man, that stuff is delicious. I just can’t help myself.

By complete accident, we chose a great week to be here. The Garrett County Fair is underway, and I do think you can tell a lot about a community by visiting its fairs and festivals. Certainly I get a whole new appreciation for Albany that way. Everyone comes out, and you get to see a town for what it really is.

The fair food too is telling. Sure, some of it is the ubiquitous fried crap, which I’m not belittling at all. I love me a good funnel cake. However, the more interesting specimens are the dishes that don’t appear elsewhere. Out in Johnstown, PA I stumbled upon the giant chicken-ball amidst a flurry of eastern european specialties at some annual town festival. That was an oddity, indeed.

Who knows what delights lurk out here. I’ll try to go with Mr. Dave’s eyes.

It turns out there’s also a relatively new craft distillery not too far by in West Virginia. However, it may be too far to make a side trip, especially with kids in tow. But I’m hopeful that their products have made it into the local liquor stores so I can taste what they’re making in these hills. My understanding is that it’s a modern moonshine. And I do love me some raw grain-based spirits. So I’m excited to try something new.

I’ll keep you posted with news from the trip. You’ll have to let me know what I’m missing back at home. I know that Monday’s are half-priced rose days at the wine bar in Troy. Man, that sounds like such a good way to pass the early evening during these warm summer nights. But the sunset is already creeping sooner and sooner.

Here’s the warning. Get out and enjoy the hell out of summer while you’ve got the chance. It’ll be over before you know it.

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  1. August 3, 2015 11:47 am

    Giant logs of Amish butter are available at Hawthorne Valley farm, which is where I get them. Honest Weight has them, but they cut them in half, which peeves me to no end.

  2. albanylandlord permalink
    August 4, 2015 1:36 am

    D&D? Pool table? Sounds like a party!

  3. August 4, 2015 6:45 am

    I was just at Garofalo’s in Schenectady Saturday, and they carry those giant logs of Amish butter too.

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