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Spring Fails

April 25, 2016

Social media is going to be my downfall. This past weekend, I started playing around with my phone. Bad idea. And somehow I stumbled upon a new app.

Actually, I remember how it happened. Somehow I got a message that someone had sent me a message on the app. Anyhow, while I couldn’t ever really find the message, I did discover Wishbone. The free app posed a series of innocuous but fun “this vs. that” questions. And after killing a few minutes choosing who wore the dress best, deciding between my favorite Kardashian, and admitting that I’m faster at typing than texting, I thought I’d try my hand at creating my own wishbone.

So I dug through my photo archive and came up with “Burger Shack or Chaat Counter?”

However, creating wishbones is just the first part. Inviting friends to answer them is the second part. I think it’s kind of like Snapchat in that way, although I’m still not sure how to use that app either. Man I’m old.

Well, I invited a few dozen people to try and answer my question. Several people responded immediately concerned that my phone had somehow been hacked. To all of you who may have received a note from me, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.

Unfortunately, this was not the only fail to launch the spring season.

Happy Passover, by the way, to all of those who are observing the holiday. I hope your seders were great, and your holiday feasts plentiful. Actually, that’s the source of my second fail. I’ve fallen off the diet wagon. But I’m going to brush myself off and get right back up on that thing.

It’s hard when you’re traveling, spending time with your mother, and participating in a religious tradition that involves food.

But some of the things I’ve been avoiding like poison, I ate while in Providence. Let’s list them:

– Chicken skin
– Dark meat chicken
– Chopped liver
– Fatty beef
– Rich desserts
– Ice cream
– Cream sauces

And now I’m feeling fat and bloated. Of course some of that is just Passover. Without my regular dose of oats to keep things moving, the guts get a bit bound up. And when things stop moving through the system, the pounds start piling on.

The hard part is just seeing how quickly all the hard work of the past several weeks can just go away. And it’s also tempting once off the path to simply stay off the path. It’s a lot of fun off the path. All of these failures were super-delicious.

But I need to go back and find my restraint.

Speaking of restraint, the hardest part of Passover this year will be abstaining from beer. And that’s not because I’m some kind of alcoholic who can’t go a week without a drink. Don’t be ridiculous. I’ll be drinking this week, just not beer.

But last Friday, I got really lucky and stumbled onto a stash of Grimm’s Tesseract cans, and was able to buy a couple of four packs. One of those cans was my last taste of hametz before sundown on Passover, and it was delicious. I just don’t know how I’m going to wait on the remaining cans. And to make matters worse, I’m hopefully going to drop by Tree House Brewing Company on Wednesday to try and pick up some more cans.

So much for restraint.

Hopefully a few of you will drop by Ama Cocina on Thursday for lunch and help me support the Alliance for Positive Health at Dining Out For Life. You can check in on how I’m holding up. The thought of that Mexican street corn is going to help keep me strong this week.

And I promise to stay away from unfamiliar apps on my phone.

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  1. RogerK permalink
    April 25, 2016 11:14 am

    Thanks for the Wishbone explanation. I couldn’t identify the phone number so I didn’t trust it enough to go to the second active link.

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