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Photo Friday From PIT

June 24, 2016

Maybe the Pittsburgh Airport actually does have WiFi. My computer says it is connected, but the connection so slow and unreliable, that effectively the airport had no internet. 

That means I’m posting on my phone. Let’s see how this goes. 

Maybe I’ll be able to pull off a photo Friday. You know, since my phone is also my camera, this just might work. 


We could call this the Diet? What Diet? post. I swear I’ve been good and am holding at more than 10 pounds down from my recent high. But I do splurge on occasion. And that’s what we have here. 

Because when is the next time I’ll find an open Chick-Fil-A? This was breakfast, so they did not have regular sandwiches. I was forced to get my chicken on a biscuit. 

And I didn’t finish this massive mound of fries and oversized onion rings. They were free at BurgerFi for the media tasting. While I didn’t like to waste the food, I could not say no, nor could I finish the whole thing. 

By now the menu at Ama Cocina has changed, but I finally got in to try the tacos. These are the fish tacos, and I really enjoyed this light lunch. I’d even argue that this was perfectly okay on my diet. 

These on the other hand, were not. This was my fist direct encounter with Park Pub’s PB&J wings. While they were neither disgusting nor vile, they were not for me. I like fat on fat, but these were just too mouth coatingly heavy. 

Bomber’s is not for burritos. It’s for tequila wings and piggy fries. These are the piggy fries. That’s one order, but it could feed a family of four. I didn’t realize that at first. Now I know. 

I’d totally get these again. FYI the diced jalapeño peppers were on the side. I had to make that compromise for the sake of the kids. 

Have a great weekend. The next time you hear from me, I’ll be in California. 

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