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Sell Out Snippets

July 29, 2016

Chef Dominic does such a good job writing his snippets posts, and he makes it look so easy. I’ve tried writing in a similar style before, and it’s a lot harder than it seems.

This has been one of those extra crazy weeks, and there is still so much to talk about. Plus there is so much going on. Too much to squeeze into a blog that only publishes one post a day. So today, I’m going to try again to make a series of snippets sound interesting.

Of course, one of the reasons this has been such a crazy week is because of the job. So expect to see more than the usual amount of Yelp related news in this week’s FLB snippets. However, I promise there will also be some delightful surprises. Let’s start with one of those.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that a place called Dominican Iceys & Ice Cream Bar opened in Troy? It’s on Congress Street across from the Troy Kitchen. I stumbled upon it late last night, and for a dollar, you can get a small cup of fruity and sweet icey joy. Both the coconut and the mango are made with real fruit, but my favorite is the coconut.

Speaking of Troy and interesting international delicacies, did you know that Filipino food has finally come to the Capital Region? Collar City Cafe now serves it. And I hear from a friend that it’s pretty good. I’m not sure when I can get out there to try it, but I have a hunger to do so.

Of course, I still haven’t been to Berben & Wolff’s yet either. The backlog kills me.

Saturday is the FarmOn! Foundation’s Hoot! I’m going with a group from Yelp. Yelp is a sponsor. I went to this event last year, and it was incredible. And I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be there again this year. It’s not an inexpensive ticket, but last year’s meal was incredible. Plus the foundation is doing great work.

Here’s the down side about making a deal with the Devil. Recently, I found myself eating at McDonald’s by choice. With no kids in tow. But in my defense, I was running errands. It was late, and I hadn’t eaten. And I only had a few minutes. So I popped in to see how the lobster roll was when it wasn’t being prepared for a media tasting. And surprisingly, somehow, it was better.

Hunger makes the best sauce.

Next week is August. Spring starts so late, and summer goes by so quickly. But I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it. Hopefully you have too. Still, I haven’t been to my favorite seasonal fish fry place — Gene’s in East Greenbush — which I missed entirely last year. Hopefully history won’t repeat itself.

Tuesday is going to be nuts.

The City Beer Hall is hosting an Official Yelp Event for Yelp Elites and their guests on Tuesday. Dimitrios and Ian are whipping up a birthday party catering package. The goal is so that Albany adults can celebrate their annual trip around the sun with great food as the centerpiece of the event, instead of mass quantities of beer. I’ve seen the menu. It looks incredible.

Although I just heard that at Slidin’ Dirty, on your birthday, you can get a free 40-ounce mason jar full of any beer they have on tap that’s less than 6% ABV. Like, for example, Peekskill Uncommon Lager. Man, I love that beer.

Tuesday, Yelp is also sponsoring a screening of Poverty Inc. up in Saratoga Springs. Yes, it conflicts with The City Beer Hall event. But that is filled to capacity and has a significant wait list. As a consolation prize, I’m giving away free pairs of tickets to the documentary. To make it even sweeter, the filmmaker will be there in person for a Q&A after the picture. This is where you can enter to win.

Do you remember All Good Bakers? One of the things I liked about the place was that it was as much of a salon as a restaurant. You could always go there and have interesting conversations with people who cared deeply about good food.

I’m starting to think that Clark House Hospitality — aka the Vic and Heather Compound — is filling that niche these days. Last night I ended up talking with chef Henry Ciccone and his wife on the patio there, mostly about caprese salads, but on a whole host of other restaurant related topics.

My hope is to get Jon in Albany together with Henry and have them both cook pizza at Jon’s place. Provided that Jon will let others play with his toys.


Horse racing season is here. More than anything else, I want to get to the track for a double Shack Burger from Shake Shack. But I also really really want to stay the heck away from Saratoga until all the tourists clear out.

That said, I’m exceedingly curious to see how Hamlet & Ghost is holding the line during the crush.

Chef Jasper at Hattie’s has written cookbook. It’s published. The only thing I’ve seen are some of the posts on Facebook. He’s a really really talented fellow, and hopefully this book will help him be known as more than just the guy who fries chicken at that famous Saratoga Springs landmark.

What happens to thoroughbreds when they are done racing? It depends. Sometimes bad things. But there is an organization trying to give retired racers a better life. And they are having a benefit on Wednesday. Despite my interest in staying away from Saratoga Springs, I’ll be there representing Yelp. I’m also giving away a couple pairs of tickets. Here’s the link to enter.

The latest Nine Pin #26er cider was minty. I’m glad to see these local cider makers experimenting with new flavors. But mint cider is definitely not my thing.

I have also learned that Troy’s newest coffee shop is called little pecks. There is no apostrophe. There are no initial caps. The menu is also changing soon (if not already) so that all menu items at this all-day café are available all day. I can’t wait to try the food, but I love what they are doing there.

Nick’s egg salad at little pecks looks incredible.

If you think his egg salad is expensive, you might be interested to read this story from a woman I fell in love with as soon as she started talking about meat. Anyhow, Shannon can’t charge less than $12 for the egg salad she makes.

There are so many things coming up on the horizon, I can’t even stand it. Yelp is sponsoring another food challenge at The Enchanted City, we’re getting involved with the Breathing Lights kick off, there is Albany’s Jazz Fest, the Food Flea at the Longhouse Food Revival, The Food Pantries Harvest Festival, and Troy Chowderfest. Wow.

Mrs. Fussy had a birthday this week too. All she wanted was a salad topped with steak and a poached egg. I took my cast iron skillet outside and put it on the side burner of the grill, so I could sear the crap out of the filet mignon. It worked beautifully. And the egg was gorgeous too.

Stewart’s eggs still poach up the best out of any store bought eggs I have found.

With so much going on, I haven’t had much time for cooking. One of these days, I want to make my own black bean burgers. If I do, this will be the recipe I use.

And for those wondering, the crap gas grill I bought a few years ago is still going strong. I just kicked another tank of gas. Fortunately, it went just as Mrs. Fussy’s dinner was finishing.

I’m still not sure how to end a snippets post. Man, this is harder than it looks. And I’m sure I’m forgetting something really important. I guess it will have to wait until next week. Have a great weekend.

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  1. -R. permalink
    July 29, 2016 10:38 am

    Congratulations on getting a good run out of your shitty gas grill. Its longevity has exceeded my expectations.

  2. July 29, 2016 12:32 pm

    I’m usually capable of sharing my toys. Sounds fun. Although, if you want to play with more toys, the wood oven is under construction and I’ll need some time before it is up and running.

    • July 29, 2016 12:34 pm

      Squee! ETA?
      Pizza geeks unite.

      • July 31, 2016 1:23 am

        If you are interesting in the propane thing you saw, we can pick a time. Wood oven, I’m hopeful to have a working oven before Thanksgiving. Weather might be bumping the plans I had for Sunday and Monday, so you can never tell with these things. My main goal is to enjoy the build.

  3. Pam C. permalink
    July 30, 2016 2:16 pm

    Last year I had occasion to spend two nights at the Olde Judge Mansion B & B in Troy. Both mornings I had sunnyside-up eggs, and both days, the eggs had double yolks. Innkeeper Tina Urzan told me she only buys jumbo eggs from Stewart’s, but she couldn’t remember getting 4 double yolks from the same carton before. So, another vote for Stewart’s eggs!

  4. MiaMaria permalink
    August 1, 2016 5:45 pm

    I think you did well with the snippet blog. I felt it flowed nicely for me with the ending circled back nicely reminding us of your initial start abiut attemoting this format again. I really like it. Kinda’ inspired to give it a whirl.

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