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Will Yoga For Food

September 16, 2016

Yesterday I had a salad for lunch. And it was dressed with nothing more than some estate bottled Tuscan olive oil and vinegar of Banyuls. Man, that was a good salad. Wednesday, I had a salad for lunch too. It was escalivada, and it was served with boquerones and a few pieces of grilled bread.

That’s a lot of salads. Even though I’m officially off my diet, I’m back on the wagon and trying to eat responsibly during those times I’m not eating as part of the job. The struggle is real.

I’m also excited to say that after months of talking about getting into shape, I’ve finally started an exercise program. I really had a mental block about it, but Mrs. Fussy helped a lot. She looked around at all the yoga programs in the area, and figured out which ones might be the best for someone with no base level of physical fitness, a shockingly low level of flexibility, and back muscles that are feeling better, but seem to be prone to injury.

She came back with a couple options. But just looking at the list, one stood out above all others.

Did you know there’s a yoga studio in the very same building as The Cheese Traveler? Yes. Yes, there is. Without a doubt, that was going to be the yoga class for me. I’m always telling Eric that the reason I’m not as his shop more often is that I just don’t find myself in that part of town very much.

Problem solved.

Now after I’m done rolling up my spiffy new yoga mat, putting away and blocks, straps, and blankets, I can just pop downstairs and buy some goodies. That’s where I got the olive oil and vinegar for the salad.

That escalivada was from the previous Friday’s cookout. This Friday Eric’s chef will be making something with Hatch green chilis. I just hope there are some left over for me to eat by next Wednesday.

I’m not sure if people think yoga is expensive or not. It’s less expensive than medicine. And it’s less expensive than therapy. It’s even less expensive than my post-shopping grocery bill at The Cheese Traveler.

But I did buy some stretchy pants to go with the yoga mat. The only thing I don’t like is how I feel and look like I’m walking around the store in pajamas. Hey, maybe I’ll get used to it in time. Or maybe I’ll just continue to enjoy a beer with my post workout lunch and care not what others think. This past week, I had my first beer from the Suarez Family Brewery with the escalivada. It was delicious.

Gentle yoga seems to be just my speed. It’s kind of like exercise, combined with resting. And now I’ve combined it with eating and shopping for some of the world’s best foodstuffs.

I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty good life.

And on that happy note, have a great weekend. If you celebrate Shabbat tonight, I hope it’s peaceful. If you celebrate Troy Craft Beer Week, I’m endlessly jealous. If you want to hear about a non beer week thing in Troy that involves learning how to cook with chef Mabb from The Ruck, click here. Don’t forget Sunday is the second to last Rock N Roll Brunch. Chef Josh said he was thinking of me when he put the deep fried chicken livers on the menu. The Tour de Cider Donut has been postponed to October 15. Also mark your calendar for October 1, which is the 5th Annual Schenectady Wing Walk.

Oh yeah, and if you know any reliable baby sitters who are free for a last minute gig on Saturday night, please send me an email. If your sitter suggestion works out, there will be something special coming your way.

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  1. Chantelle permalink
    September 19, 2016 10:19 pm

    There’s also a yoga studio on 2nd Street in Troy… Some downward facing dog then pizza at Bacchus and treats at little pecks :-)

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