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AskTP – After the Fall

December 19, 2016

Well, it’s Monday. Big day today. Not gonna talk about it. Instead, I’m going to play this song, over and over again. It goes well with today’s post. Because believe it or not, after today, after months and months of neglect, the queue of unanswered reader questions has been emptied.

Huzzah! Yes, I still have to tackle that sticky issue I stepped in about vegans. But once I get through today, I’ll be prepared.

For those who are just tuning in for the very first time, the blog has a semi-regular feature called Ask the Profussor, in which I make sure any question made to the comments section receives an answer. Provided of course the original poster used proper punctuation.

Each question is preceded with the mystery link of the day. That means all of the links will go to the same place. Mostly, it’s there to help break up these posts visually, just in case anyone wants to skip forward to the next question. But I also try to make the link of the day something relevant and interesting.

Claro? Good. Now, without any further ado, onto the questions.

By the numbers noticed my mention of Bacchus in Troy and felt something was missing:
BTW, isn’t DeFazio’s the long time champ of wood fired pizza in Troy?

Okay, sure. I know that DeFazio’s is the king of Troy pizza joints. I was thinking more along the lines of Neapolitan-inspired wood-fired pizzas. But I appreciate being called to task on my lack of specificity. Thanks for keeping me honest.

Yup was flummoxed by my interest in vegan mayonnaise substitutes:
Do you eat so much mayo that you feel the need to switch to an alternative “mayo”? You’re obviously not vegan or vegetarian so the switch makes no sense. Each product type has it’s highs and lows when it comes to nutrition and carbon footprint. I don’t see the need to switch to or from either product unless you’re personally downing a jar of mayo a week. Maybe I’m missing something from the article?

The only thing that you are missing is that despite me not being vegan, I have vegan leanings. So, I’d like to reduce the amount of suffering I bring to animals, and minimize my financial support of large scale egg production. Which means that if there is an equally good vegan option to a non-vegan product, I’ll take it. Just Mayo totally fills the bill, for most of my emulsified oil needs.

Grrrr was tickled by the pig-shaped steamed dessert buns we were served at Taiwan Noodle:
I’m giddy and giggling just looking at the photo. How did the adorable little pigs taste? Not that it really matters because they look so adorable!

They were delicious. But like most things at Taiwan Noodle, there are better versions found elsewhere. The steamed custard buns at Hong Kong Bakery and Bistro are even tastier.

Jeff gave me an education on chain restaurants in the Capital Region:
Didn’t you know? Albany is where chains come to die… Quiznos, Krispy Kreme are two of the most recent. I used to be really excited about getting a Sonic, but the reality has been meh.

No, I didn’t know that. I remember Hooters going belly up at Crossgates. And I recall Fuddruckers closing up shop on Wolf Road. Certainly the opening of Sonic was underwhelming. I just don’t think the place was prepared for the onslaught. But Chipotle has thrived here, Olive Garden seems to be doing gangbusters, and Five Guys looks like a success story too. Quiznos was just gross, and Krispy Kreme took its eye of the brand’s core strategy to its detriment. So I’m not quite yet willing to saddle the Capital Region with the curse of being a chain restaurant killer.

Steph (who is different from Stanford Steph) had a great idea:
I don’t suppose that somewhere local could be persuaded into a fresh mozzarella demonstration/event? I’m a fan of even the supermarket stuff, and would love to try some mozz that had never known a fridge, but I wouldn’t know where to look. I know HWFC uses Maplebrook curd – great start! – to make theirs… which is, of course, sold from their refrigerated case. Sigh.

Ooh. That sounds like a job for my counterpart the Yelp Community Ambassador. He’s the event planner of this mighty duo. I’m just the guy who ignores people’s questions, and organizes the quarterly tours. But I bet the two of us could figure something out.

Burnt My Fingers had a follow up question to the last Tour de Cider Donut:
Curious about Ellms because I know you contacted them to see if you could taste donuts without paying an admission price. Did they not bother to return your call or email?

As it turns out they did, and Ellms was quite accommodating. The text of the email said, “Please come to the Pumpkin Barn (building to the left of the building with the picket fence) and bring this email with you. We will give you a ‘ticket’ to get donuts!” While this was definitely appreciated, the touring group proved to be quite large, and I had concerns about the reliability of the email working for the entire entourage. In the end, I’m convinced that it all worked out for the best.

Rhonda Rosenheck is putting together the next few cooking classes at the Center of Gravity:
Dan, did I not just ask you about an Ethiopian chef for the Taste Makers series? We want Ethiopian Food! I think I’ll stage a protest somewhere.

Yes, yes you did. I’m always on the lookout. And while the chef of Umana in Albany isn’t exactly Ethiopian, the kitchen is putting out Ethiopian food. So that might be an option as well.

Burnt My Fingers isn’t done holding my feet to the fire:
What do you have against pigs’ feet? (Other than that they’re not exactly Kosher.)

You know what it’s like when you have a not so nice version of something once? It makes it hard to go back and try it again. Eventually, I’ll get over my first and unpleasant experience with slightly underdone pigs feet. The resulting mass was chewy and thickly gelatinous in a mouth filling bite that was difficult to get down. Perhaps you have a suggestion of a place that does them well.

-R finally had a question with an easy answer:
Why eat an organ designed to filter toxins from the body?

Because it’s delicious.

Grrrr revealed another delicious treat that’s apparently hiding in plain sight:
Have you ever tried the sausage roll at I Love pizza (4th St, Troy)? It’s their little known hidden secret. Sausage, peppers and onions all cooked into a pizza roll crust. I don’t know if the bake or deep fry those delicious rolls but they taste amazing. They sever it with a side of marinara but I bring it home and dunk it in mustard.

No. Nobody has told me about it until just right now. Thanks for the hot tip though. I’m not so sure about the mustard though. Maybe one of these days you’ll tell us more about that.

Danielle is asking me to share someone else’s intellectual property:
Would you be able to share a copy of this passport of which you speak?! I’d love to see what’s on it.

Can’t do it. Wouldn’t be prudent. Although you can search out the contact info for Jim Leff online and perhaps you can track him down like I did and plead your case for a Chowhound passport. That said, if you remind me before our coffee excursion to Kru, I’ll try to bring it with me. Then if you want to take a photo of it for personal use, that’s between you and your god.

Burnt My Fingers has apparently confused me for Nick R:
So your response to my two questions (which I can’t remember asking, it was so long ago) are no, I haven’t tried that? Wrong! You are our canary in the frozen dessert aisle, Profusser. You MUST try these things, and then you can warn us off if you like.

You do know that we have a national ice cream blogger living right here in our midst. Trying crappy ice cream is his job, and the frozen dessert aisle is his muse.

Kim is going to hit the ATM before visiting Chester’s Smokehouse:
Thank you for sharing your local culinary adventures with us. We are liverwurst lovers! That slice of Polish rye with the mustard, liverwurst and red onion on top practically had me drooling on my screen. Deelish! Guess I’ll be making a special trip this weekend. $30??? Sounds like that might not be enough . . . just sayin’

It’s my pleasure. For what it’s worth, I’m still working my way through that meat sack I purchased last week, and I feel like I’ve been eating liverwurst like it’s going out of style. Mostly, I’ve been eating it for breakfast and snacks. There’s only one serving left. But after that I’ve got more smoked sausages, and I still haven’t cracked into the smoked blue cheese. Man, Chester’s is dangerous. Delicious. But totally dangerous.

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  1. albanylandlord permalink
    December 20, 2016 2:48 am

    That song was lame. Just saying…

    • December 20, 2016 3:11 am

      I’m into depressing songs that drone on in various degrees of monotone and tell stories leaving plenty of gaps where the imagination can roam.

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