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Buffalo Chicken Soup: A Cry For Help

February 10, 2017

Comfort food is king right now. And thankfully it’s winter, so it’s easy to hide the extra pounds. My goal is to make it through the tater tots in the freezer, and then it will be time to reexamine my diet and start bringing back some more healthful habits.

I’ve already cut back on my weekly grilled cheese sandwiches at The Cheese Traveler. Largely because I’ve stopped going to my yoga studio as I attempt to see what it’s like to do yoga at home. So far, so good. But I do miss my favorite cheesemonger and the best grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever had.

What I haven’t stopped is the craving for all things buffalo-sauce related. Did I even tell you that I had another deep fried buffalo burger from Swifty’s last week? It was my very first deep fried burger from the Swifty’s on Everett Road in Albany, and it was great. Man, I love that thing. I ate it with the Yelp crew after an event at The Great Escape Room, which was a ton of fun.

The team I landed on almost beat the record escape time, but we were 30 seconds too slow. Harumpf. And there I was nervous that we wouldn’t escape at all. Seriously, I had my doubts about this place going in, but it was really well done.

But back to food. And more specifically, back to all things buffalo. Because, as it turns out, I may have a problem.

Yesterday was a snow day and I had to cancel my lunch plans in Troy. It’s not that I’m freaked out about driving in the snow, it’s just that it took me over an hour to shovel out the driveway, and then I was a sweaty mess.

Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. And I’ll reschedule the lunch, so all is not lost. What I decided to eat for lunch instead was truly disgusting.

Even worse is the fact that I enjoyed it.

Where the idea came from, I don’t know. Maybe it was all the talk of buffalo sauce. Maybe it was the desire for something hot and comforting. Perhaps I just wanted to find something besides tater tots that I could eat with my blue cheese dressing.

What I know for sure is that it came from a place of seeking comfort and warmth. And little is more comforting or warming than chicken soup with pasta stars. Man, I love those itty bitty pasta stars.

Making chicken soup at home is always easy, because I keep homemade concentrated chicken stock frozen in cubes. So I just take a couple of those, and place them in a pot with some water. Boil ‘em up and add some salt, and I’ve got a bowl full of deliciousness.

Besides the stars, I also dumped a generous amount of Frank’s Red Hot into the mix. But it was the blue cheese dressing that put this over the top. To be fair, my blue cheese contains no mayonnaise whatsoever. My recipe calls for cheese, onions, a bit of vinegar, a ton of sour cream, and a little buttermilk.


Oh man. It may have looked foul. But this creamy, funky, spicy, chickeny, salty, pasta packed bowl of hot comforting soup really hit the spot. It gave me all the internal warmth I needed to shovel for an hour. And it provided me with pleasure beyond compare.

Of course, I’m totally addicted to buffalo everything, so I’m not recommending this to anyone. And really, the only reason I’m sharing this today is because I probably need some kind of buffalo sauce intervention.

Early next week, we’ll announce the official Tour de Buffalo Wings: Albany Edition (part one). Next weekend, we’ll actually go on tour. And after that, I think all things buffalo will be off the menu, at least for a little while.

The new diet is going to start in March. Or maybe even sooner. I’m feeling fat. And even if I lost a couple of pounds, I would still probably have enough padding to protect me from the rest of winter.

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  1. February 10, 2017 10:56 am


  2. February 10, 2017 11:59 am

    If you find yourself in the Buffalo area, you might want to try Danny’s Buffalo Wing Chicken Soup. Kind of like a wing chowder. Strangely addicting.

  3. February 10, 2017 2:41 pm

    Maybe it’s because I’m sitting out here in Northern California caring for my mother for a while, but I’m not sure why I’d want “buffalo chicken” anything. I’d recommend a great pho, or for something thicker a decent onion soup.

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