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Eat Tacos For Life

April 25, 2017

Somehow I lost track of time. Again. Do you happen to know what Thursday is? It’s Dining Out For Life! And it’s one of those great days of the year when you can eat out at a restaurant, and the mere act of paying a restaurant to fill your pie hole actually does some tangible good for the community.

The event supports the Alliance for Positive Health. You can read a bit about what they do here.

In the past I’ve done all kinds of things in support of this event. One year, I interviewed a bunch of restaurant owners who were participating. Last year, I even went so far as to be an Ambassador for Dining Out For Life at Ama Cocina.

Nobody told me I did a terrible job at it. But I think I was supposed to try and pack the joint during lunch with my friends, colleagues, and contacts. A few people came out, but I didn’t really push anyone all that hard.

This year, I have a better plan.

This year, I’m going to simply enjoy the heck out of DOFL. And you know what, I’m going to go back to Ama Cocina. My favorite bar manager Amanda is gone, but Ama Cocina is doing something again that only a few local restaurants are doing. They are donating a whopping 50% of the revenue collected on Thursday straight to the Alliance for Positive Health.

Here’s the math. If you spend $20 on lunch, you haven’t actually spent $20 on lunch. You spent $10 on lunch and made a $10 donation to this critical community organization. That means, eat up! And drink up! Because if your lunch bill is $40, you’ve only spent $20 on lunch and sent $20 back to help those in need.

Did I mention that last year, when I was working the event, I wasn’t able to try the signature Ama Cocina cocktail I’ve had my eye on for countless months? It’s the Pancho & Lefty, also known as cold drip coffee tequila. It’s like two of my favorite things rolled into one.

I also wasn’t able to really hang out with my friends who came to the restaurant.

So this year, it’s going to be different. Although, much like last year, I’m going to show up early. And once again, I’m going to park myself down at the bar. But this year, I’m going to keep on ordering food and drinks, and just hang out waiting for people to join me. And if you can, great! And if you can’t, hopefully you can go to another participating restaurant.

The whole list is here.

Note that The Fifth Tier Baking Studio, Nicole’s Restaurant, and Innovo Kitchen are the other places which are giving 50% of their proceeds back to the Alliance for Positive Health. But the full list of participating restaurants is much longer.

Before going out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on Thursday, make sure to double check and make sure your destination is on the list. If not, perhaps reconsider.

Hope to see you Thursday. And maybe soon, I’ll even be able to figure out a date for the Tour de Burger. I may be a lousy Dining Out For Life Ambassador, but I’m a pretty good food tour guide. And I’m also pretty fun to hang out with at the bar during lunch on a weekday.


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