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Photo Friday: Comfort Foods

April 28, 2017

It’s Friday, and it’s been another crazy week. There are more fights I want to pick about burger toppings, but right now I’m just tired. I’ve got to make the final preparations for Sunday’s Yelp event, I’m meeting a friend for lunch, and tonight is shabbat so I’ve got to pick up our weekly roast chicken and challah.

Tonight, I’ll also finally be trying the olive oil I picked up last week at The Cheese Traveler. Oh, and sometime before Sunday I have to make it down to The Excelsior Pub and play three games of pinball for the league.

That means right now, instead of posting words, I’m going to share a few pics of foodstuffs I’ve enjoyed since the last Photo Friday post. Some of these are publicly available. Some were limited time offers. And one was something I made at home.

Hopefully they are inspiring as you head into the weekend.

Two Brothers Italian American Restaurant, where have you been all my life? Quite a o up Hoosick Road, you’ll find the small building that fries its own potato chips and then smothers them with wing sauce, cheese sauce, and bacon.

Not all comfort food is American. I know that some of my Chinese friends look with disdain upon eating fried wheat collar with hot soy milk anytime other than breakfast. And I get that. I do the same thing for people who order a cappuccino after noon. But you know what? When I’m craving this combination, and I find myself at Taiwan Noodle, I’ll order it any time I like.

Afghan Kabob Express makes a killer lamb kabob. The spinach and bean subzi is delicious too, and helps to make sure you are getting more green in you than just the green sauce on the table.

Maybe Dimitrios and Ian will bring back the Frito Pie for some other pop up or special occasion. But this Wine-N-Diner recipe made an appearance at the Albany Craft Beer Week Festival, and man did that hit the spot after two hours of drinking some incredible beers.

Cider Belly is so good that it’s not even fair. I popped in yesterday afternoon just before two o’clock and the team was still frying up fresh batches of doughnuts. I was able to get this one so hot, that I had to wait for it to cool down a bit before I could eat it. And it may have been the best cider donut I’ve ever had.

Finally. The Pancho & Lefty from Ama Cocina. They use tequila to extract coffee using a Japanese cold brew rig. And it’s got cinnamon and spice and a little bit of sweetness. Plus it’s served with a giant ice cube. This is delicious. And at $8 it’s a relative bargain.

Shrimp tacos. Look, I get why some people feel that Ama Cocina is expensive. But let’s look at this another way. There are dingy, divey Mexican places in Albany where three tacos will set you back close to $10. These two shrimp tacos, were only $7. And they were delicious, well considered, and made with care. Plus they were served in a clean and beautiful setting. I’m a fan.

Kimchi fried rice. Yeah, I made that. It’s easy. It’s delicious. It uses up old rice. And if you can slice an onion and fry an egg, you can do it too.

Somehow this pic from Afghan Kabob Express got separated from the kabobs. But chicken over rice is no joke. It’s inexpensive and super delicious. Plus I hear there’s a new place to get it over in Troy. I’ll have to go check it out.

Chef Anna brought me out a taste of the quinoa salad she made for Albany Craft Beer Week. This was from the night when The Hollow joined forces with The Cheese Traveler, who brought some of his cheeses to pair with Ommegang beers. This is the brewery’s Rosetta, which is made with raspberries. And Eric brought a lovely Wensleydale to go with it (unpictured).

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  1. KingOfBeacon permalink
    April 28, 2017 11:16 am

    Is Afghan Kabob running the new Halal place in the Troy Kitchen? That might finally be the one to get me to check that place out. Seems like an uncomfortable environment for me.

    • -R. permalink
      April 28, 2017 1:35 pm

      No. Afghan Kabob Express is on Central Ave, b/w Quail and N. Lake.

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