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Big Plans for a Short Week

May 30, 2017

Memorial Day always makes me uncomfortable. Yesterday didn’t really feel like champagne popsicle weather up here anyhow. Instead, I spent time with my family. We did a bit of spring cleaning. Maybe more than a bit. And then, as a reward for all our hard work, we went to Ala Shanghai for dinner.

I’m glad we are all alive to take care of the everyday responsibilities of life. Not everybody is that fortunate. But however you commemorated the day, I hope it was meaningful to you.

Now we’re moving on. And it’s Tuesday. Egads! That means there are only two more days left until June. So real quick, let me give you a little run down on two things which sound super sweet this week. And then you can go back to fretting about squeezing five days of work into a four day week.

Thankfully, there are good times ahead.

Did I ever tell you that in my old life in Advertising I got to work on Got Milk? One of the things our client kept in his office was a big board of other marketing communications influenced by the campaign he launched. I think it helped to stoke his ego. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I mention this because locally, DeCresente Distributing Company has launched a Got Beer? website and mobile app. Earlier this year I met the woman who manages outreach for the platform at a social media event at Proctors, and since then I’ve been playing around with it a bit.

She is doing great work creating special experiences for those who use the app.

It was through an email from gotbeerdotcom that I found out about the Brown’s Brewing Company outdoor concert series, which kicks off this Thursday at 5pm. The weather is expected to be gorgeous, but this is a rain or shine event. I’ve been meaning to spend more time at Brown’s anyhow, and this is a great excuse to get over there.

Plus, there were all sorts of bonus perks for users who sent in an RSVP to the email invitation. And I have to admit, those certainly helped to give me an incentive to put the event on my calendar. But even without those freebies, this sounds like a great time.

Do you know what else I enjoy besides beer? Improv.

Seriously. I’ve been going to improv shows since I was in high school. There was a group in Miami called Mental Floss, and seeing them perform was always a treat. They had a small theater in Coconut Grove, a bit off the main drag. And it was amazing how much material they could come up with off the top of their heads.

Well, this Saturday, I’m finally getting to go up on stage with MopCo, our local improv company based out in Schenectady. They have a new small theater in an old and storied building on Jay street, almost right across the street from Perreca’s, and around the corner from The Bier Abbey.

No. I haven’t learned how to be funny, or to make up songs on the fly. But I have agreed to be a guest judge on Saturday night for something called THEATRESPORTS!® What is that? Well, here’s the blurb:

Full-contact improv comedy! Two teams compete for laughs and the sweet taste of victory in this fast-paced comedy show. Armed with nothing but their razor-sharp wit and speedy comedic timing, teams perform scenes and songs inspired by audience suggestions to gain enough points to be crowned the victors!

Each match is kept on the rails by our referee. More than just a charming host, the ref will penalize offenders of bad jokes and bad sportsmanship or reward them with bonuses as they see fit. After each round, the audience or special guest judges votes for the best scenes & the sharpest improv.

Theatresports® was created by Keith Johnstone, TM International Theatresports Institute

The link to buy tickets is here. The show starts at 8pm, but doors open at 7:30pm. It’s a small theater, and there is a small concession stand. It even serves adult beverages, which I think is pretty cool. I’d love to see some familiar faces in the audience, and maybe grab a beer around the corner when the whole thing is over

Beyond that, my life is a series of lunches, coffees, phone calls, and dinners. Soon the CSA will be starting for the season, so expect to hear more about seasonal produce again. And I’m also getting a hankering to start planning the summer Tour de Ice Cream. After some discussion with one of the long time participants, it’s looking like we’ll be on the hunt for homemade hard ice cream once again.

But more on that soon.

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