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Summer of ’17

June 22, 2017

We’re here. We made it.

Putting aside all the negativity for a moment, yesterday was the first day of summer and it was beautiful. I mean, it was literally perfect. I rolled down the windows. And it was neither too hot nor too cold. The sun was shining. There was a nice breeze. The weather was simply glorious.

I could take a couple months more of that.

The CSA is in full swing. The days are impossibly long. Strawberries are in season. And I’m looking forward to a summer full of fun. But before we get to some of the tentpole events of summer, I have something more to say about strawberries.

Eating foods when they are in season can sometimes feel like robbing a bank. I explain this to my kids. Because at the height of the season, when foods are the most delicious, they are also at their most plentiful. That puts supply through the roof. And when supply goes up faster than demand, prices come down. So that means, not only are you getting the tastiest food of the year, but you are also getting it for the cheapest price.

This came up because Little Miss Fussy and I were at Whole Foods and saw that organic California strawberries were on sale, two one-pound boxes for $5. So we bought two.

Sadly, the berries inside weren’t really great at all. I mean, legit sad. Driscoll’s strawberries did not hold a candle to what we found out in Kinderhook. Perhaps if I took the time to core, chop, and macerate these specimens they would be worthwhile. But I just don’t have the time.

Mostly because summer is busy as all get out.

Later today I’m going to the grand opening celebration of the Johnny Rockets at the TU Center.
Friday is the last day of school for the year.
Saturday I’ll be taking a quick day trip to NYC to see family.
Monday, Young Master Fussy starts camp.
Tuesday, is the fully packed Official Yelp Event at Slidin’ Dirty in Schenectady.
Next Thursday, I’m hoping to take a day trip out to Monson, MA.
Soon thereafter is Independence Day.
Saturday, July 8 is the Electric City Couture IDENTITY Runway Fashion Show, and I’m kinda a sponsor.
The very next day we’re packing up the family for a week at a rental property somewhere.
Which means I’m going to miss judging the Troy Pig Out on July 15. Again.
Little Miss Fussy has an art camp the following week, and some outdoorsy thing the week after.
July 29 I’ll head down to Copake for the FarmOn! Foundation Hoot, which is always a hoot.
August 1 there’s going to be an amazing Live Fire feast at Pitney Meadows Community Farm.
Of course that week, both kids are going to different camps in different towns.
After that, it’s a relaxing week on the farm in Pennsylvania.
But instead of driving home, we’ll blow by Albany and head up to Montreal for a few days.
We’ll be home by the third Thursday, because I would hate to miss Tavern Time.
August 26 I’m going to catch Pretty Much the Best Comedy Show at Proctors.
And as strange as it may sound, the next week, I’ll be driving down to Pennsylvania, twice.
Which brings us to Labor Day.


Somewhere in there, I’ll need to schedule Official Yelp Events for July and August.
The Tour de Hard Ice Cream needs to find a day on the calendar.
Invitations will need to be printed and mailed for Young Master Fussy’s bar mitzvah.
Presumably, there will be some other party planning needs that come up along the way.
I’ve never planned a bar mitzvah before.

Maybe, just maybe, I can find a Friday where I can finally go to one of the The Cheese Traveler’s Friday night cookouts.

There is just so much I want to do, and simply no way to do it all. Because let’s not forget, there are also CSA deliveries speckled throughout all of that madness. Which means there will be mountains of greens to wash, and glorious summer meals full of corn and tomatoes to prepare.

It’s exhausting. I’m going to need a break to recover from summer break. But my plan is to do my best to make all the moments count and find joy wherever I can. Because sometimes, the weight of the world, can be crushing.

What are you looking forward to doing this summer? And is there anything I should be adding to my list?

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  1. -R. permalink
    June 22, 2017 10:09 am

    “Next Thursday, I’m hoping to take a day trip out to Munson, MA.”

    I assume you mean Monson, and I also assume you’ll be stopping at Tree House Brewing. To not do so would be an egregious error.

    • June 22, 2017 11:47 am

      Fixed. Thanks. Brewery visit TBD. I may not have an extra hour to stand in line for beer. But hopefully I can find a way.

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