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The Leftovers That Sabotaged My Diet

October 25, 2017

Twenty pounds. That’s what I shed since I actively started trying to lose weight and eat cleaner after a summer of unusual gluttony. With the help of some moderate exercise, I brought myself down from a number I had never seen before (198) to a number I had not seen since high school (178).

At least that was my low point before last weekend’s bar mitzvah. What did me in was not the two days of parties that spanned three meals, nor the beer and wine that flowed for those events, nor even the mass quantities of cookies, donuts, or ice cream I bought for the celebrations.

It was the leftovers.

The stupidity of this pains me, because I wasn’t gorging on these foods when they were hot, fresh, and delicious. But in the service of trying to eliminate food waste, I find myself eating more than I should. And it’s coming from all sides.

There were the donuts. Filled donuts and cake donuts have a much longer shelf life than your typical yeast raised donut. The filling keeps the yeast raised donut shell moist and tender. And cake donuts only become more cake like over time.

While normally I could resist the siren song of a donut in the morning, when I’m confronted with a plate of donuts that need to either be eaten or put in the trash, I decided to take one for the team. That one turned into two. And maybe a third one made it past my lips.

Amazingly, of the nearly two hundred donuts, we’re down the the very last two. They are both old fashioneds. More than anything, I want to slice them, toast each half in butter, and use the donut halves as a bun for a Stewart’s Philly Vanilla ice cream sandwich.

It is taking all of my restraint to keep this from becoming a reality.

Then there was the macaroni and cheese. Slidin’ Dirty presented me with three extra trays of this stuff at the end of the event. Oh man, those trays were heavy. This is some dense, creamy, cheesy goodness. And I even got a pro tip about how to reheat the leftovers:

Take out a portion from the fridge for a time to remove the chill. Warm up a little milk in a pan. Stir the macaroni into the warm milk, until it’s warmed through.

I’ve been eating macaroni and cheese for days. To make it more interesting, I’ve started supplementing it with nutritional yeast and Frank’s Red Hot to give it that classic buffalo flavor. But even still, that barely makes a dent in the supply. Mrs. Fussy brought one whole tray to a work event. I portioned out another and decided to put those smaller containers in the chest freezer. Maybe they will survive. Maybe they won’t. But there was no way we could make it through the bounty on hand, even with help.

The beer isn’t helping either.

A big part of my diet, was drastically reducing my daily intake of beer, wine, and spirits. My drink with dinner became a glass of water, and only after I hit some dietary goals did I consider enjoying one adult beverage later in the evening.

But Doc brought me a few fresh cans of one of my favorite hoppy beers from Vermont, and those are not meant to be saved. Plus there was all that beer I put on ice in the cooler that didn’t get consumed.

I am superstitious about taking beer that’s been chilled and then storing it at room temperature. So my plan has been to just drink it all. Although now that there is more room in the refrigerator, I may be able to transfer those leftover cans into kitchen. That will slow my roll through the inventory on hand, and that will help too.

The good news is that things haven’t gotten too far out of control. I’m only up a couple of pounds. And now that I have confessed my sins, it may be easier to resist the temptation of another pot of macaroni and cheese.

Maybe I also throw away those last two donuts. Just to make sure that butter fried ice cream sandwich doesn’t become a reality. Surely, the world will somehow survive a few more ounces of food waste.

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  1. Fuddley permalink
    October 25, 2017 9:52 am

    Make a quick bread pudding with the doughnuts.

    I also hate to waste food

  2. October 25, 2017 10:48 am

    Or you could just bring it to your friend’s house and we could re-feast together :)

  3. Mrs. Fussy permalink
    October 25, 2017 10:56 am

    Can we give away the ice cream, too? Cause I am feeling really gross.


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