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Valentine’s Day Fail

February 13, 2018

There’s this crazy thing that happens when kids get older.

On one hand they take up far less time as they can independently do so much on their own. For example, last night when I was off to traffic court, I forgot that I was supposed to feed the kids before I left. So as I was putting on my suit, the kids heated up their own dinners in the microwave.

Before you jump on me for every word in that last sentence, dinner was leftover whole wheat spaghetti with homemade arugula pesto. We may have fallen down a few rungs, but we’re not quite yet at the nuking frozen meals stage.

On the other hand, older kids take up far more time because the school projects they are involved in are more elaborate. And even without team sports, after school activities can become a logistical challenge.

Wednesdays are the worst. Which, naturally, is when Valentine’s Day falls this year.

If you aren’t spending Wednesday evening as the chauffeur to your progeny, my recommendation in the past for Valentine’s Day has always been to grab a bottle of sparkling wine and pick up a couple of lobsters. Lobsters, butter, and bubbles are a winning combination. Bake a potato. Get some chocolate. Maybe some port. Consider a dessert cheese, something soft and gooey. And make sure to have some firewood. Brandy, Scotch, or even a polished Rye would be a lovely end to a quiet evening of romance.

Man, I could use a quiet evening of romance.

But Mrs. Fussy is up to her neck in work this week, as am I. So the romance is going to have to wait. Fortunately, we have a plan. It may be a lame plan, but it’s a plan nevertheless.

First, I’ll tell you what we aren’t doing. But that’s largely because Mrs. Fussy has some complicated relationship with ice cream that even after years of being married to her, I still don’t quite understand.

The Dutch Udder has created the most Capital Region Valentine’s Day package ever. Remember that Albany was a Dutch colony. So instead of roses, the are partnering with The Flower Girl to deliver tulips along with a pint of their ice cream.

It’s kind of brilliant. Because not only are tulips super Dutch, but they are also a sign of spring… which is right around the corner, dammit.

Since Wednesday doesn’t work for either of us, we’re waiting for this weekend to celebrate. However, we’re also not ready to give up family dinner either. So here’s the plan.

We’re going to have family dinner.
Tuck the kids into bed.
And leave.

The weather says it will be nice enough. So we’re going to walk to the closest fancy restaurant. One that’s fancy enough to have an okay cocktail program. We are simply going to sit in a lovely setting, with a drink, and each other.

Then we’ll walk home. Or maybe call a Lyft or an Uber. You know, because we can do that now. In Albany.

It’s really such a small and simple thing. It’s something we could have done before, but for some reason just have never made the leap. My expectations for cocktail quality is pretty low. But you never know. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m a prisoner of hope.

And it’s not about the drink either. It’s about getting out of the everyday. It’s about leaving this space, and these walls, where no matter if you turn down the lights some part of you knows there are dishes to be done. It’s about enjoying each other’s company. It’s about spending some adult time.

Man, it’s been too long since we’ve done something like this. And now that the kids are a bit older, maybe we can do these adult outings more and more.

For those of you going out to a restaurant this week, good luck. There are some great events going on out there. Feel free to share your plans. I’d be curious to hear who is going out and who is staying in.

As for me, after I’m done with my chauffeur duties, I’ve got a work call. Let me tell you, the fun never ends.

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  1. Doug permalink
    February 13, 2018 11:12 am

    Traffic court? You can’t open with that and leave it hanging..

    • February 13, 2018 11:23 am

      It’s stupid. Somehow I didn’t notice my state inspection sticker expired. Seriously, where does the time go?

  2. February 13, 2018 12:23 pm

    Soon, my daughter will be old enough that we can leave her home alone, and I’m very excited that my wife and I will be able to go out alone whenever we please. That will be nice.

    I’m taking my wife to Macaroni Grill on Valentine’s day. Usually, I wouldn’t think of taking her to a chain for a special occasion, but, Macaroni Grill is where we had our first date more than 15 years ago, so the joint holds a special place in our hearts and it will be fun to reminisce. The chain is struggling and methinks it won’t be long before it’s gone, and frankly, I’m surprised it has lasted on Wolf Rd for as long as it has (nearly 20 years now). It may be the last chance for us to have a second first date there.

    By the way, the food there is not all that bad, and it’s worlds better than that other ‘Italian’ chain across the road. It bugs me that Olive Garden will be packed, but Macaroni Grill serving better food won’t be nearly as busy.

  3. EPT permalink
    February 13, 2018 1:43 pm

    IMHO, it’s not worth going out on Holidays, especially where special menus are offered. If you have to go out, go to a restaurant that just offers their regular menu, you’ll fare better. I will stay home, not sure what I’ll make yet. Might be unagi with a cucumber salad or cucumber and scallion sushi rolls. Maybe with a few gyoza on the side.

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