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Funday: First of 2018

February 16, 2018

There are people out there who want you to know things. Why? Because you read this blog.

I know.
It’s shocking.
But it’s true.

Most of that information I keep from you. Man, you have no idea how many people there are out there who want you to see infographics. But between you and me, I’ve got no patience for the visual displays of information, and I assume you don’t either.

If you read posts on the FLB you are a reader. We don’t typically have pictures on these pages, although there have been more of those lately.

Well, there are a few press releases, emails, and notices that I’ve either been sent or come across that I’m going to share. In part because I still don’t really have it in me to write about food today. Nor do I think it would benefit anyone to add my thoughts to the raging online gun control debates. Debate seems like the wrong word, because that requires a certain level of discourse that’s missing in these online forums.

So without any further ado, I present the first Sell Out Funday of 2018.

Sunhee’s Farm + Kitchen Korean Lunar New Year Party

Tonight! Friday, February 16th.
Bar Party 9pm to late.

Celebrate New Year’s again, this time Korean-style.
Event is open to the public and free admission.

– Exclusive New Year’s gift for every customer, while supplies last.
– Handmade steamed kimchi mandoo and New Years Soup specials served ALL DAY.
– Bar specials, including $3 #soju shots and $7 so-mec (soju+beer) combos, as well as limited edition Korean cocktails.
– Complimentary bar snacks.
– DJ Trumastr spinning New Year’s funk and K-Pop vibes.

EMAIL COUPON SPECIAL: Stop by anytime on 2/16 and get a free order of kimchi mandoo by saying: “Sae hae bok man ee bat uh sae yoh” (Happy New Year’s in Korean).

Supporters of the Tip Credit

There’s a movement underway in Saratoga Springs to give a voice to those who would be impacted by Governor Cuomo’s proposal to eliminate New York’s Tip Credit. So they’ve started filming video interviews, and putting them up on a YouTube channel.

Check ‘em all out at the link below.

Hattie’s Special Beer Week Menu
February 20-24, 2018

In addition to our regular menu we are offering the following beer tasting menu:
$35.00 per person plus tax & gratuity

First Course
Choice of:
Fried Green Tomato and Crab Sandwich
(Common Roots Farmhouse Ale)

BBQ Pork Spring Roll with Sweet Chili BBQ
(Victory 4 Front Ale)

Second Course
Choice of:
Shmaltz Battered Catfish with Tasso Hushpuppies
(Shmaltz Nut Brown Ale)

Messiah Braised Pork with Creole Mustard Spatzle and Leek Confit
(Shmaltz Messiah Nut Brown Ale)

Chicken and Waffles with a Spicy Maple Honey Wit Drizzel
(Artisanal Belgian Wit)

Third Course
(Saratoga Oatmeal Stout)

No reservations needed

Community Garden Plots Now Available for 2018

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Spring is coming and registration has begun for garden plots at Pitney Meadows Community Gardens, located on West Avenue.

Gardeners are invited to apply for beds in 3 different sizes:

4×8 raised beds, some designed for those with limited mobility
In-ground plots measuring 8 x 11
In-ground plots measuring 11 x 19
“The number of existing beds is limited, however if there is strong interest, more raised beds may be constructed,” explained Garden Director Natalie Walsh.

Gardeners in good standing are permitted to keep their beds from year to year. “Most of our gardeners have decided to return to garden this year,” she added. That leaves a dozen available 4×8 raised beds and a small number of 11×19 plots, which can be reconfigured as 8×11 plots depending on gardener demand.

“We can be flexible with the configuration of the plots to meet the needs of as many gardeners as possible,” Walsh said.

Plot prices are set on a sliding scale, from $35 to $500. All payments over $50 are tax-deductible. Payment must accompany each application and all garden applications must be received by March 5. Gardeners will be chosen by lottery on March 9 and will be notified by email.

A garden meeting will be held Monday, March 12 at 7 p.m. at the Spring Street Gallery, 110 Spring Street. “In addition to talking about the upcoming season, we will have a seed swap that night as well,” Walsh said.

Garden plot applications and the 2018 Gardener’s letter can be found on the Pitney Meadows Community Farm website:

If you prefer, you can pick up a paper copy of the application from the wooden rack inside the vestibule at 110 Spring Street.

Pitney Meadows Community Farm was founded in 2016 to preserve the last operating farm in Saratoga Springs, and to forge a new mission for the 166-acre property in sustainable farming, education in agriculture, and the training of young farmers.

Berkshires Dr. Manufactures New All Natural Herbal Remedy Cold & Flu Remedy, Available In Stores Now
Dr Schnuffie’s High Potency, Immune Booster Is Unlike Any Other On The Market

GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass. — A new cold remedy from the Berkshires is available in stores now, in time for the cold and flu season.

Developed by Dr. Alan Inglis of Great Barrington, Dr. Schnuffie’s Wellness Formulas come in two varieties that prevent and fight off stubborn colds. The all-natural high-potency vitamin herbal tablets, which are available in local co-ops throughout the Northeast and via Amazon, are the result of a collaboration between Dr. Inglis and one of his patients.

“My daughter lives in Germany and I only get to visit her for a few times each year,” said Andrew Blechman. “When you only get to see your daughter a few weeks ever year, you can’t afford to be sick. I need to be 110 percent for my daughter, because I love her.”

Blechman said he’s susceptible to colds, especially while on those long flights across the Atlantic to see his 13-year-old daughter, Lillie, but no remedy on the market ever worked for him until he sought help from his internist, Dr. Alan Inglis, who developed a special formula for colds and the flu in his private practice on Main Street in Great Barrington, Mass.

“Dr. Inglis would hand write out these formulas for me and it would require me to go to the health food store and buy about $120 worth of vitamins and herbal extracts,” Blechman said. “It always worked, like 99 percent of the time. But it was expensive and there were so many different bottles of products, I couldn’t travel with all that.”

Last year, Blechman asked Dr. Inglis if it would be possible to make one all-encompassing affordable tablet for his formula and that was the start of their heath supplement company, Dr. Schnuffie’s Wellness Formulas. “Dr. Schnuffie’s” is a made up German nickname Blechman calls his young daughter.

Currently, Dr. Schnuffie’s is selling two products, one to take take when you’re starting to feel the symptoms of a viral illness like a cold or sore throat. The other is a preventative daily vitamin to boost your immune system and prevent illness. Both products are designed to be a safe and smart cold and flu remedy that goes after causes, not just symptoms.

“You need to go on the offensive with a cold early,” Inglis said. “If you can do that, you can actually turn it around in a few hours to a few days.”

Dr. Dr. Schnuffie’s Cold + Flu Immune Support Boost costs about $18.95 and should be taken twice per day with food at the first sign of cold or flu symptoms. Dr. Schnuffie’s Stay Well Daily Immune Support Boost costs about $27.50 and should be taken once per day with food to stave off colds.

While other immune support supplements use a scattering of as many ingredients as possible in small amounts, Dr. Schnuffie’s uses as few ingredients as necessary to safely target cold and flu viruses in safe, high doses. It offers high doses of Vitamins D and A combined with the support of mineral Zinc and Vitamin C, plus a gentle combination of time-honored immune-boosting botanical herbal extracts. Every ingredient in Dr. Schnuffie’s Wellness Formulas has been tested, researched, and carefully vetted. The Dr. Schnuffie’s website contains a comprehensive annotated medical bibliography for each ingredient.

“There’s nothing else like our formulas being used in this country at this time,” Dr. Inglis said. “This is a functional medicine. It’s a science-based, integrated approach to addressing causes, not just symptoms.”

Dr. Schnuffie’s all-natural supplements are produced in a New York State FDA-approved facility that adheres to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).


“I cannot imagine anyone with a stubborn cold or upper respiratory infection who would not benefit from Dr. Schnuffie’s. The ingredients have been thoughtfully developed, proven to be effective and without the unnecessary side effects that come with most prescriptions and OTC cold remedies.” — Dr. Mark C. Pettus, MD FACP, Associate Dean of Medicine, University of Massachusetts School of Medicine

“Dr. Schnuffie’s contains the key vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients that offer us the best nutritional defense against cold and flu.” — Kathie Madonna Swift, MS RDN LDN FAND, Canyon Ranch / Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health


Dr. Schnuffie’s is available on as well at a growing number of local health food coops, including:

Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany and Niskayuna Co-op in Schenectady.



Dr. Alan Inglis is board certified in Internal Medicine, and has done extensive post-graduate training in integrative, functional, and nutritional medicine. He studied at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, the Institute for Functional Medicine, Amherst College, and Cambridge University (UK).


“This year’s flu season is one of the worst in years. The predominant flu strain is H3N2, which causes more severe illness than other strains. Unfortunately, the flu vaccine effectiveness is very low — just 10 percent in Australia and just 17 percent in Canada. Effectiveness refers to the shot’s ability to keep people out of the doctor’s office. The flu virus can cause pneumonia, which may be fatal. It can also can cause heart attacks stroke, due to the systemic inflammation from the illness. Hospitalizations from the flu continue to rise. America’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) has not yet released vaccine effectiveness figures for 2018 and reports the flu season still has several weeks to go before letting up, which should take us well into March. The CDC recommends the flu vaccine for everyone.” — Dr. Alan Inglis, Feb. 14, 2018

Here are two blog posts by Dr. Inglis

Blog: Does the Flu Shot Work?

Blog: High Potency Dosing Works

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  1. chrisck permalink
    February 16, 2018 11:01 am

    “Plot prices are set on a sliding scale, from $35 to $500.”

    Is that a typo? Because you can get a season CSA share for $500.


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