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Eating Out and Saving Lives

April 25, 2018

Today is Wednesday? Who is going to Albany Med for the turkey sandwich? Well, if not today, maybe some other week. I also just found out about something cool happening tonight at Savoy Taproom. All the cool kids are involved.

It’s called Regrettable Tales and Redemptive Music: Edition II and is a project by Richard Lovrich. Music will be by DJ Trumastr and stage direction by Persephone Pomme. And while I haven’t met the folks from Troy Foundry Theatre, they have to be pretty rad to be hanging with this crew. Since it’s at Savoy, you know the cocktails will be fantastic. Plus I hear good things about the current chef and his menu.

But today isn’t about cocktails and dramatic performances of short stories. Today’s post is about tomorrow. Where once again I’m going to encourage you to go out, but for an entirely different reason.

Thursday is Dining Out for Life!

In the past I’ve been more actively involved in this promotion for what is now the Alliance for Positive Health. They do great work within our community, and are saving lives. And on this one day each year, to help them in their important mission, all you have to do is eat.

If you have three minutes to watch an inspiring video, I’m just going to leave this here.

But let’s talk about restaurants, because while the list of restaurants is long, not all are created equal. A small handful of partners have agreed to give a full 50% of the proceeds from the day to the Alliance for Positive Health.

That means you could start the day with breakfast up at Samantha’s Catering in Glens Falls, grab lunch at innovo kitchen in Colonie, and then sit down for dinner at Nicole’s Restaurant in Albany. That would be a full day of eating where half of what you spent on food would go back towards help saving lives in the Capital Region.

The Wishing Well is also a 50% partner. So if you wanted to stay up in the northern part of the Capital Region, I suppose you could do both breakfast and lunch at Samantha’s Catering and finish off the day at The Wishing Well. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Nor is there anything wrong in dining at one of the “5-star dining partners” aka restaurants that have worked with The Aliance for Positive Health a lot in the past year. Those include City Beer Hall, New World Bistro Bar, Rare, Risotto, and Wheatfields. This year they are all participating in Dining Out for Life during dinner, plus Wheatfields is also signed on for lunch.

Still, these are just a small percentage of the full list of restaurants participating tomorrow. Depending on where you are, breakfast may be a bit hard to come by, but there is no reason why you couldn’t swing a lunch or a dinner.

One more thing.

Tomorrow night is the Stacks Espresso 4th Anniversary Thursday Night Throwdown! So if you miss DJ Trumastr tonight, you can catch him on Thursday (after Dining Out for Life) as you watch some of the region’s best baristas battle it out on Lark Street. August from Pint Sized will be there handing out beers. All the details are here.

Wait a second! Did I start this post and close this post with two remarkable events happening within 24 hours from each other on Lark Street? And people thought Lark Street wasn’t cool anymore. Psh.

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