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One Million Stringbeans

May 31, 2018

Last night was the May Official Yelp Event, and let me tell you, I’ve never been so caffeinated so late in the evening before. And it wasn’t just because of all the Brewtus Roasting coffee I was drinking. There were also the chocolates from Primo Botanica and the espresso cookies from Sweet Eats.

It’s a good thing that Harvest Spirits got involved with the event and there were little bottles of their farm distilled treats to bring us down. Even still, around eleven o’clock last night I felt like building fences.

What I didn’t feel like doing was writing a blog post. But then something came through on my Facebook Messenger about one million stringbeans. Sometimes the Internet works in mysterious and wonderful ways.

My hunch is that chef Ric Orlando has sold over a million stringbeans in his career. After all, most people I know can’t go to New World Bistro Bar without getting an order of those blackened stringbeans.

And since he finally sold New World Home Cooking in Saugerties after running that business for an impressive twenty-five years, that’s gotta be a lot of stringbeans.

Well, in his retirement, Ric has started a podcast he’s calling One Million Stringbeans.

Last night I gave it a listen. Right now, he’s only got one podcast up. While I could do without the Whopper farts, it’s always great to have another voice out there on the interwebs helping to promote better food and consumer education.

What’s wild is that on the podcast I find that Ric sounds a lot like Ray Graf. It may have something to do with how much time Ric has spent with Ray on Vox Pop’s Food Fridays. I do enjoy the show, but most of the time I have to listen to a recording of it, so I’ve never had the chance to call in and ask a question on the air.

Anyway, you should give Ric’s new thing a listen. And you should check out Vox Pop too, if you haven’t already.

Don’t forget, the Albany Tour de Buffalo Wing is just a couple days away. It’s not too late to throw your hat in the ring for that either. Hope to see you there!

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  1. June 5, 2018 3:22 pm

    Glad you finally got to meet my brother (Oliver of Primo Botanica)!


  1. 7 and 7 on Saturday, June 2, 2018 – Chuck The Writer

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