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Self Care

July 19, 2018

Well, this post is up later than I expected. But hey, it’s Vacation Week. Sometimes posts get delayed in the relaxed setting of a week off in the Vermont mountains.

Although, that is not exactly what happened today.

For the sake of keeping the blog real, I’ll tell you the unglamorous and unflattering story. But in the end, there is a happy ending that comes thanks to some tried and true cooking methods, and it includes a heart felt rant about cookware.

So some of my friends are late night people. For the past couple of nights we have been staying up extra late playing board games. There was that intense game of Ticket to Ride that went until 1am. Last night was Discworld: Ankh-Morpork. And man, that was fun. But the game ended at 2am, and after my friends went to sleep, I stayed up to do a little non-blog writing.

My plan was to wake up and bang out a blog post this morning.

But to go with the non-blog writing, I poured myself a can of It’s Complicated Being a Wizard, a delightful double IPA made by the Burlington Beer Company. But it’s a little strong. And I drank it a little fast. And we must have had a few other beers while we were playing the game.

The bottom line was that this morning, I wasn’t feeling that great. So I decided to sleep in. A lot. Mrs. Fussy delivered some Advil and water to the bed, which helped with the headache, and allowed me to sleep even more.

By the time I felt strong enough to emerge from the bedroom, almost everyone had left for the day’s adventure. Which was fine by me. I was going to make a simple but comforting meal of scrambled eggs on toast.

The cookware situation in the rental house is a bit appalling. But it’s not just this rental house. I think it’s pretty much every rental house. And part of me suspects that this is a problem not just with house rentals, but kitchens everywhere across America.

Almost every kitchen I visit has cabinets full of cracked, chipped, and peeling nonstick cookware. Yuck. Not only that, but synthetic coated nonstick cookware is almost entirely unnecessary.

Thankfully, I found one small straight up stainless steel saucepan.

At the beginning of the trip, my friends bought a giant roll of Amish butter, we had some good eggs, and some decent enough bread to toast.

Generally, I make the quick large curd scrambled eggs at home. Those really do require a well seasoned cast iron pan. But today, cooking for myself, I brought out the whisk and made some slow simmered, soft, and custardy eggs.

It was a peaceful, meditative practice. I had nowhere I needed to be. No distractions on the home front. And just really required something soothing and filling to put me on the road to recovery.

Now, I wish I had my phone with me in the kitchen to take a picture of these eggs. But at the time I couldn’t care less.

Tonight when the crew comes back, there will be corn salad, and maybe we’ll try to clear some leftovers from the refrigerator. Tomorrow, I’m hoping to take my kids on the Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour on our last full day in Vermont. It seems like the right thing to do.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the rest of this pot of coffee and the mountain view. And maybe I’ll work on tomorrow’s post in the light of day, so I can get another good night of sleep without waking up past noon.

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  1. enough already! permalink
    July 20, 2018 7:13 pm

    Do you bring your own knives? I do since we started doing house rentals. Best idea I’ve had..most had jjust ok knives but one place had cutlery that was unusable.

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