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Not Eggs Benny with Emily: Jade Bistro

July 26, 2018

Had Emily L. been successful in her latest quest to find another example of eggs benny somewhere in the Capital Region, this post might have run on Friday to get people prepared for the weekend. However, once again she struck out.

This is a very important reminder for everybody out there. Before making a special trip anywhere in the Capital Region, it’s always a good idea to call ahead. Sometimes a place that used to be open on Sundays, changes its hours of operation.

So instead of eggs, today’s guest post is all about sushi. I was just telling a new friend yesterday that I’m a horrible sushi snob. And when Emily sets the scene about why she didn’t have high hopes for this place, I’m right there with her. Certainly in the past I’ve written at least one rant about sushi.

But that’s me. Today is about Emily. And with enough arm twisting, she might be able to get me to meet her at Jade Bistro one day for lunch. Here’s the story.

Another week, another egg-less post. This one had good intentions. A few weeks ago, the boyfriend and I headed over to Illium to try their famous eggs benedict only to find they are closed on Sundays. D’uh. Next time I will do research.

But sometimes not doing research leads to a great food surprise. Recently, friends invited me to dinner at Jade Bistro in Scotia. Even though I work in Schenectady, I guilty never cross the bridge much for food. I get stuck in my routine places like Puzzles, Tara Kitchen, and Persian Bite. Scotia is primarily known for Jumpin’ Jacks and Dairy Circus, so I had no idea what to expect at a sushi bar.

We walked in and I immediately felt at home. A family-run business, it was a joy to see everyone working together; dad was making the sushi, mom was serving, the middle school age son translated English from the customers to the staff, and the adorable young daughter entertained tables with her enthusiastic love of Disney.

The sushi was nothing like I expected. Observing flashy presentations in boats, with lights and fake floral arrangements, I did not have high hopes. However, my first bite of sashimi changed everything. Incredibly fresh, perfectly sliced, it immediately brought thoughts of the fish found in Tsukiji Market in Tokyo to my mind. The fish was so flavorful, I didn’t even use soy sauce on anything, I wanted to keep it as pure as possible. The prices were very reasonable for the quality (huge sashimi sampler for $22). The lunch menu was even cheaper.

When the co-owner came over to our table, we started chatting with her. It turns out they get fish delivered daily from New York City; she and her husband have worked hard to create relationships with some of the best wholesalers in the city.

Finding restaurants like Jade makes me so excited to live in this area. I love in one town you can find a traditional ice cream stand right down the road from fine sushi. I love that you can spend $2 for a hot dog or $22 for sushi and be equally as satisfied. But most of all, I love that a family, whether they have always lived in the same town or immigrated from China just a decade ago, can both share their love of food. There’s a place for all food.

Thanks to Emily L. for another guest post. If I may add a quick side note, Scotia should also be known to all as the home of the excellent Mohawk Taproom & Grill.

And as a reminder, there have been other readers who have threatened to submit guest posts to the FLB. If you’re interested, most likely I am too. Even as the Capital Region’s food scene improves, we still need more voices championing the cause of better food. So hit me up.

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