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More Death in a Cup

September 25, 2018

Just last week we were discussing how there is no such thing as bad foods.

Of course, someone brought up the idea of eating endangered animals. And to that I answer that the animals aren’t bad food, but the people who would choose to eat them are simply terrible people.

That said, I could imagine a situation where I might eat a threatened species. If it showed up on a plate at a dinner party where I was an invited guest? If that means I would be counted among the terrible people, so be it.

As long as we’re on the topic, it seems like a good day to talk about “Death in a cup”.

It used to be that I could remember all of the things we’ve talked about on the blog, versus the foods I’ve written up on Yelp, or bites I’ve chronicled for other venues. I don’t know if I’m just getting old, or if the body of work is just getting too large to wrangle.

At some point, somewhere, I must have written about “Death in a cup”.

While I wish I could take credit for such a thing, credit is due to my friend Victor. Although it may have been a collaborative project with someone behind the counter at Sovrana’s in Albany.

Usually, I keep people’s names out of the blog. However, if you go to Sovrana’s and ask for “Death in a cup” someone will pipe up from the back, “Victor?!” Because I think he’s the only one who orders it.

So, Sovrana’s makes these eclairs. Choux pastry, filled with pastry cream, and topped with chocolate. I don’t know what kind of diet Victor was on that allowed pastry cream and chocolate, but no pastry. However, such a thing apparently exists. Because one day after lunch, he asked if he could have all the other components of the eclair, minus the pastry.

The family obliged, and “Death in a cup” was born.

Yesterday I found myself in a Kafkaesque hellscape trying to get something called a Certificate of Residency for my minor son. It felt like something out of Brazil. And we had no time to get him a snack after school.

Growing boys get hungry.

On the way home, my first instinct was to go to Rolf’s Pork Store. But dammit. Rolf’s is closed on Monday. Rolf’s is always closed! It’s one of the great frustrations of my life.

Then it occurred to me we could hit Sovrana’s.

When I ordered “Death in a cup” the man behind the counter lit up a bit. Obviously I must know Victor. Everyone loves Victor. But then his face fell, as he told me they were out of pastry cream and couldn’t make one today.

As we looked around for substitutes, finding none, he quietly suggested they could make one using cannoli cream instead.

[insert record scratch]

Yes. Yes! A thousand times YES! And this is when we learned that Victor was already aware of such a thing, but even he himself never pulled the trigger on such a decadent treat. The Sovrana’s cannoli cream has a touch of amaretto and citrus zest thrown into the mix, along with mini chocolate chips.

Our young man is just a wisp of a thing, so he can take the fat and calories easily. I’m envious.

Before we left, I picked up a meatball roll and an eggplant parm roll for dinner. Maybe they would call them stromboli? I don’t know. All I know is that half of the eggplant one filled me up for dinner, and that the kids couldn’t finish one meatball roll between the two of them.

All told, the two rolls and the modified “Death in a cup” came to $13. In the past, I’ve been a bit hard on Sovrana’s. But I have to say, the place is winning me over.

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  1. Amanda permalink
    September 26, 2018 12:46 am

    There are most definitely plenty of very bad foods

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