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On Pouches and Doom

October 19, 2018

Tomorrow is the last Tour de Donut. Sure, there will be a grand championship round which will put Cider Belly against Terrace Mountain and the winner of this Wild Card tour. However, if you want to caravan across the Capital Region by car on a fall day, to eat five difference cider donuts with the FLB crew, Saturday may be your last day to do that.

Which isn’t to say the FLB tours are coming to an end, but the Tour de Donut has run its course.

This year’s tour will end at Saratoga Apple, which will put us an easy drive to Glens Falls. And this weekend Glens Falls is hosting the Adirondack Film Festival. I know this because Yelp is one of the sponsors. I’ve been told downtown Glens Falls is really thriving these days, so I’m looking forward to seeing it on Saturday after the tour.

Driving all around the Capital Region to sample five different donuts surely is not consistent with a drive to limit one’s carbon footprint. But I’m going to do it anyway. I will be bringing Little Miss Fussy along, so it’s not like I’ll be driving solo. And we’ll try to get some errands done before we return home too. Plus, I drive a Mazda5 which while it may look like a minivan is based on the Mazda3 platform, so it gets the fuel economy of a small car.

As long as we’re confessing the small things we do that will lead to our eventual doom, maybe this is a good time to talk about convenience foods.

For years I decried giving pouches of “food” to kids.

There are so many reasons to avoid these foul conveniences. Perhaps the most obvious one is the environmental disaster of single serve foodstuffs, with all their packaging and the waste they produce.

There’s the idea that it’s important to teach your kids about food, and part of that involves the physical act of eating, versus sucking calories through a tube. That also includes the sensual pleasures of experiencing how your food looks and smells, which are entirely absent when pouches are involved.

Pouches are typically packed with sugar, and while they may be marketed as healthful, they rarely are. Not to mention the fact that it’s important to take time out of one’s day to eat. The idea of pouches is that you can just suck and go. It’s food on the run, if you can even count it as food at all.

Then one of my kids got braces, and that changed the game.

When braces get tightened, it can hurt to eat and chew for days. And kids go to school, where lunches don’t get refrigeration. And calories are needed during those school hours. So, all of a sudden, these pouches came into our lives.

The ones we buy are the GoGo Squeez Yogurtz. They are sweetened with cane sugar, are made with milk from cows that weren’t treated with hormones, and contain only natural flavors. Which satisfies a lot of my crazy. The pouches are also BPA free. And it’s a product of France. Which means, it’s even worse for the environment since they need to be shipped across an ocean. But so does my coffee and tea, and I’ve got no plans on giving those up any time soon.

My hope is that once the braces are done, we can walk away from pouches again. Because right now it’s killing me that these have become a staple in the Fussy home. But braces are on for years. And we’ve got two kids.

I may just need to make peace with these convenience foods for now. As far as other convenience foods, we’ll tackle those another time.

Or, you know, we can talk about it in person on the Tour de Donut tomorrow. If you do decide to come, please let me know so I can make sure to have enough scoresheets. Hope to see you soon. But if not, have a great weekend.

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  1. MJK permalink
    October 29, 2018 1:09 pm

    I’m going to go easy on you here as you are certainly are allowed an opinion. As a very busy working mother with a very young child, there were many things I appreciated about having “pouches” nearby. There was a time where pouches were a mainstay in my house and having a very health conscience father, who would only go for the pouches with the least amount of sugar- I can assure you that baby food companies have come a VERY long way. At times pouches provided my little one with some protein, some vitamins, some minerals- some basically of everything she needed and I can assure you that my pediatrician was always on board with that. I would never judge a parent who turns to these as an additional nutritional supplement. Even today, sometimes getting a vegetable down the gullet of my ever picky eater is in pouch form. Should we be careful and selective with how we choose the pouches we do for our kids? Of course, just like ANYTHING. More power to the parents who carefully blended up every wholesome fruit, and/or vegetable they could get their hands on. And in my heart, I wish I could have been just that way. I know I’m getting off the topic here but, I felt the need to come in and defend what has, in my life been a trusty standby and for your braces wearing child, more than a trusty standby- but an outright necessity.


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