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Something With Bubbles

December 31, 2018

Hey! It’s December 31, 2018 and we’re still here! That’s something to celebrate. So is closing the chapter on this challenging year.

Although I have to say, for me personally, 2018 was an embarrassment of riches. There was so much good eating, I can barely stand it. In fact, like most of America, tomorrow starts a new phase of cleaner living for the Profussor. Part of me wanted to write a culinary recap of the year, but the past twelve months have been so jam packed with delicious events and outings, the post would go on forever.

This was the year that Little Miss Fussy started baking, thanks to Awesome Amy. And that led us into participating in the Cookbook Club at the local public library, which has been a lot of fun. And then there were all the new things I fell in love with this year, like The Dutch Udder, Delaware Supply, Field Notes at Lansing Farm, Nighthawks, Lost & Found, and Yesfolk Tonics. 2018 also rekindled my desire for fiery Sichuan cuisine and some sweat inducing Thai dishes.

On top of that there have been Official Yelp Events, Unofficial Yelp Events, and Yelp sponsored events every month along the way. It’s been a wild ride. But tonight, we put all that behind. And there’s just one thing you need to do.

Drink something with bubbles.

I don’t care of it’s legit Champagne or some other sparkling wine, just make sure it sparkles. Or if you wanted to toast in the new year with some kind of beer, that’s alright with me too. Heck, if alcohol isn’t your thing, find some other kind of festive fizzy beverage. I’m all over the Yesfolk Tonic kombucha and water kefir these days, but even a seltzer will do.

Bubbles, thanks to physics, do one thing. They rise.

And that’s what we all need. Right now. More than anything else. We need to get elevated. We need to get our heads out of the morass. We need to be lifted up. We need to toss off this funk. To be our own best selves. To cast away fear, and doubt, and pain. We need to rise.

Life is hard. In some ways it seems to keep getting harder. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have compassion for others. And nobody—nobody—is beyond redemption.

We don’t know what 2019 will bring. Most likely it will be filled with challenges. Perhaps some of the biggest challenges we’ve faced as a nation for a very long time. But there will also be deliciousness along the way. There will be beauty. There will be moments of grace. There will be things that sparkle.

But it will help to start the year on an optimistic foot, or sip. So bubbles are the order of the day. If you need any help deciding, don’t be shy about asking a question in the comments section. I’ll do my best to give them an extra speedy response.

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