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Where Will Daniel B?

May 10, 2019

As I mentioned, there are going to be a lot of events between now and the time we leave. There will be no event on Sunday. This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Mrs. Fussy just wants to hang out on the porch and read a pile of papers. I suppose “wants” may be a strong word.

For my mother, I got her the gift of my continued good health. After years of resisting going on long term medication to keep my blood pressure in check, I finally bit the bullet. Cholesterol may come next. My doctor has done a heroic job of keeping me alive and kicking during the culinary adventures of the past ten years. But heredity and age take their toll.

My plan will still be to eat reasonably when I’m not doing something like judging nine hamburgers. That’s actually on the agenda for Monday. The Best Burger in NY State won’t judge itself. So I’ll be on my way out to Syracuse for that.

But how about next Saturday? Want to join me for a beer or 130? And if that’s not your thing, there’s a dinner, a couple of parties, and a tentative happy hour.

For the sake of full disclosure, some of these are work events, so you may find me decked out in my finest Yelp red. But that doesn’t mean we can’t hang out. In fact, hanging out and having a good time is part of the job description. Or at least it used to be. I haven’t read the current job description. But you can here, if you like. (Note: for some mysterious reason the link is temporarily down.)

Daniel will be in Ballston Spa drinking beers outdoors
Anyway, a week from this Saturday is the Saratoga Brewfest! Oh, yeah. I forgot. Yelp is still giving away a pair of tickets to the event. Ha! Anyway, all the details for the festival and the giveaway are
here. But it’s at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds in Ballston Spa from 2-5pm. I’m not sure what the after Brewfest plan is, but as long as I’m in Ballston Spa, I should do something, right?

It would be great to see some of you there. Hang with me as little or as much as you like. I’ll be easy to spot. Yelp red isn’t particularly subtle. But I wasn’t joking about the 130+ beers. That’s what they’ll have on tap from over 70 different breweries, including some beloved local spots like Artisanal Brew Works, Common Roots, Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery, Rare Form, Unified Beerworks, Royal Meadery, and more.

Daniel will be in Albany for after work nibbles and drinks
On Tuesday, May 28, one of my new friends Diana P. has suggested a meet up after work downtown at Loch & Quay. Why there? Three words. Buffalo. Chicken. Potstickers. I saw her picture of them on Yelp some time ago, and fell in love. Since then I’ve been meaning to make my way there for a taste. This is the perfect excuse. I’ll be there at five o’clock and will plan to stay to seven. We’ll see what happens.

Daniel B will be enjoying a Saturday in the streets of Albany
If you happened to complete your Nine Pin 26er card this past year, I hope you’ll come up and say hi to me at the party on Saturday, June 1. But there’s no amount of money you can pay to get into the event. This was a ticket you had to earn. However, that only goes from noon to 2pm.

Afterwards, the CH Evans 20th Anniversary Party is happening just down the street. And not only is the crew from Albany Pump Station going to be there, The City Beer Hall will be vending food as well. Plus there will be spirit samples from Albany Distilling Co. It’s like a party of all my favorite people! And that one goes until 6pm. I’m so there. Tickets to that are only $20 and come with a commemorative glass and two beer tickets. It’s a no brainer. Just go. If you haven’t tried the beers Sam has been brewing over there lately, you are missing out.

Daniel B will be at The City Beer Hall for a beer pairing dinner
Speaking of The City Beer Hall, I’ve also got a ticket to the Other Half Beer Dinner Dimitrios is throwing on Monday, June 3. There are still a few tickets available. They aren’t cheap, but you only need one. I gently nudged my pal Ewan to set up an Unofficial Yelp Event page, so a few of us could sit grab some seats together. If you would like to sit with us, we would love to have you! The details are at this link, and it should direct you to the site where you can buy a ticket online. Or, you can save the service charge and just buy your ticket at The City Beer Hall in person. However, if you want Ewan and me to save you a seat, please make sure to tell us you’re coming on the Yelp Event page. Thanks.

There may be some more room in the social schedule to squeeze a few more things. And there are some private events that were left out of this post. For example, you all aren’t invited over to Albany Jane’s house for burgers on the barbie. Sorry.

Seriously though, please consider yourself invited to any or all of the events listed above. Even if we haven’t met before IRL. The chances to hang, and for me to thank you for reading the FLB in person, are running out. But if these don’t work with your schedule, don’t fret, there will be some others coming soon.

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  1. Ewan permalink
    May 10, 2019 3:33 pm

    Where does Albany Jane live again? :-P

  2. May 12, 2019 10:37 pm

    I am prompted to mention a potential visit to the Bears, at which Mr. Dave would make an appearance. Due to the Bigfoot-Iike shyness of the D-meister, only you can make this happen. Can/will you?


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