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Utica to Pennsylvania to Delaware

June 21, 2019

You might think that as we’re trying to sell our house and pack up all our worldly possessions, it would be prudent to stay close to home and busy ourselves with the tasks at hand. But sometimes family calls, and you’ve got to hit the road.

So this weekend, I’ll be traveling. Actually the first of my travels start today. Next weekend I’ll spend out of the Capital Region too. Which isn’t to say I don’t have fun plans to share in the 518. I totally do, and in between trips, I’m hoping you will join me.

Right now, I’m off to Utica. Cousin J is visiting from the desert, and I’m driving out to New Hartford for lunch. The things one will do for greens… er… I mean family. The things one will do for family.

I’m told that the greens at Georgio’s Village Cafe are fantastic. We’ll have to see.

While I would love to stick around the Utica area, I’ve got to head back home, and help get my son ready for summer camp, because I’m driving him down to Pennsylvania on Saturday. We’ll spend the night down on the family farm, and then on Sunday morning will be the big drop off. Then I’ll be driving back home all by myself.

I still haven’t figured where I’m going to stop and eat along the way, although I do have a recommendation for a good banh mi in Harrisburg.

Then on Wednesday, it’s the last day of school for Little Miss Fussy. She has a pool party with her friends afterward. And once I’ve collected her from the event in the late afternoon, I’m off to Delaware.

Delaware Supply, that is. It’s one of my favorite places, that I don’t get to visit nearly enough.

Colin and Lauren have created a beer bar that’s more like a beer cafe. It’s a chill spot to hang out, with a diverse, well curated selection of things to drink and nibble upon. There are games. Large windows for people watching. And always good conversation to be had.

On Wednesday at 6pm, I’m going to be hosting Yelp Office Hours, and I’m buying 16 beers for members of the Yelp Elite Squad. But if you wanted to swing by and say goodbye, it would be great to see you. I still don’t know if there will be time for a final tour. Maybe. But the calendar is getting tight. Because when Wednesday rolls around, we’ll be in Albany for just four more weeks. Egads!

And that doesn’t count the weekends away. Because the following weekend, I’m headed down to NYC. Plus, at some point, we’ll have to pick our son up from camp in Pennsylvania too. While I’m sure he would be happy staying longer, I’m told we simply cannot just leave him there.

Perhaps the one saving grace is that as of July 1, I will have stepped down from my official Yelp responsibilities. So that’s one thing off the plate. Now we just have to sell this house and pack up all of our things. I mean, how hard could it be?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got greens to eat. Cheers!

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  1. June 21, 2019 11:39 am

    You need to stay over in Utica, because tomorrow is International Refugee Day! Bring the kiddo, then drive to PA at the end of the day… it will save driving time as a bonus.

    We will kick things off at Lucky Mey’s Market with egg rolls and bahn mi, starting around 10 am. Day’s complete itinerary is here: . See you in Utica!


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