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Monday the Profussor Slept Late

July 1, 2019

It’s July, and I am a free man!

Not too long ago, I struggled with the question how much longer this blog would go on after I left my job with Yelp. After all, a lot of the content over the past few years turned a bit Yelp-centric. The FLB chronicles my adventures with food, and during my time as the Community Ambassador for Albany, I had access to many special events that were worthy of sharing.

Now that chapter is over, my first official act was to stay up late with Raf on Sunday, eating brisket, and drinking whiskey. Then I slept in this morning without a thought of posting fresh content.

However, I’m not quite ready to give up the blog, and here’s why.

My adventures with food are not going to end just because I’m leaving the Capital Region. And while Ann Arbor already may have an established food culture, there are still going to be places where it can do better.

Notably, I found a review of a legit Chinese spot written by a Yelp Elite who criticised the place for serving diced chicken with bones. Which, incidentally, is exactly how you want your Chinese diced chicken to be served. Yes, you’ll have to gnaw on your bites. Sure, you’ll have to be careful as you eat. There will bones to spit out. However, there will also be much more flavor. And that’s the important part.

If you want more accessible Chinese food, presumably there’s a PF Chang’s nearby.

Instead of stopping the blog, it will simply slow down. Daily posts will be a thing of the past. But my hope is that there will be some people who will step up and volunteer to lead a tour or two in my absence. There have already been a few folks who have raised their hands. Guest posts are still available to those in the Capital Region who are interested at getting their feet wet in the blogging game.

My recommendation will be to check the blog weekly. Choose a day, and you can catch up on the post or two you may have missed. That said, we’ve got a full set of stories lined up for the rest of the week. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to write.

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