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Last Minute Gift Rundown

December 21, 2011

How much can one person write about food? I suppose we are going to find out. Because I’m well past 800 posts and am still going strong.

There is just one problem.

Buried deep in those hundreds of past posts are some good ideas. I can’t even recall what I wrote last week, much less what I wrote last year. And I’m not terribly happy about how difficult it is to find certain historical posts.

Things like last minute gift ideas don’t really change much year to year. And over the past few years I’ve had a few thoughts on the subject that could be helpful right about now. Today, I’m going to dig deep into the archive and share some of these with you. But I suspect this might be the first of a handful such posts as we approach the end of the year.

For now, let’s talk about gifts.

This year I just decided to take the easy way out and join the pool with the other families to get gifts for the kids’ teachers. But in the past I have customized a box of chocolates according to my idiosyncratic notions about the best chocolates available in the region.

Sherry isn’t all just cooking wine. I’ve been dismayed about how difficult it can be to find a decent selection of the stuff around the region. But I have identified two bottles of sherry from a couple of the largest producers that are less than $12 a piece and would be a delightful gift for any bon vivant on your list.

Stepping up both a bit in proof and cost, I found one great bottle of spirits that by almost all accounts is quite special, indeed, for less than $20. And it’s a whiskey. The only reason that matters is that finding good whiskey around this price point is virtually unheard of.

With shipping this gift will cost you extra, but nobody will look askance at the FedEx delivery as a last-minute gift, because this is perishable stuff and would need to be sent overnight even if you had thought of it months in advance. The actual price of this sweet and savory treat has gone down in the past two years. But it’s the shipping that will nail you.

The best gift I have ever received was a couple ounces of really great caviar. You could even simply send a one-ounce jar, and be remembered much as Mrs. Fussy and I recall our caviar benefactor, with great warmth and affection. Here is more on that, including a link to a company that is doing great things with sustainably raised fish eggs.

This post includes two wine selections. One is a great choice to bring over to a Christmas dinner that includes ham. The other is a bit more of a treat. For $130 you can get the wine lover in your life something that will create an indelible impression for the rest of their life. Long after you are gone, they will remember this wine. And even if they think it’s too precious to open, it will actually hold for thirty to fifty years. It’s hard to even conceive of such a timeline. Naturally, that does not mean it will not give an extraordinary amount of pleasure if open today.

Hope one of these blasts from the past might be able to help some of you this year. Don’t forget there are two other more recent posts on potential presents. One focuses on food gifts and the other specifically on coffee.

If you are frantically running around trying to get the rest of your shopping done, please try and be safe, slow down, and remember the spirit of the holidays. It’s lovely to share with friends and loved ones. But your time and attention are more valuable then even the finest caviar.

Be safe and stay calm. Everything will be fine. And if it’s not, well, that’s what the eggnog is there for.

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  1. December 21, 2011 12:02 pm

    ha, I love that last paragraph. I believe it is the thought that counts, anyway.

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