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Funday: Weird and Wonderful Things

January 23, 2015

It’s been a long time since my last Sell Out Funday post. Perhaps it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten how to do them.

In fact, this doesn’t feel like a Sell Out Funday at all.

The idea was that periodically, I would take all the collected press releases sent to the FLB and post them without much commentary. Maybe the PR community wasn’t so keen with that approach. Maybe we’ve just hit a slow patch of the year. But for whatever the reason, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a critical mass of stories to share.

Today’s post does start out with a press release. But then it kind of degrades into a patchwork of things that I think you should know about. And ends with a jumble of words. But somewhere in here, I’m sure you’ll find something wonderful that you didn’t know about just a few minutes ago.

There’s the press release about the cidery turning into a restaurant

Production floor transformed into romantic setting for Valentine’s Day dinner

Nine Pin Ciderworks (“Nine Pin”) and Jeff Loshinsky Catering will co-host a “Cider is for Lovers” Valentine’s Day Dinner and Cider Pairing on Saturday, Feb. 14 at 7 p.m.

Bring your Valentine for a unique dining experience at New York’s first farm cidery. For one night only, Nine Pin’s industrial setting will be staged for lovers. Award Winning Chef Jeff Loshinsky will showcase a romantic four course dinner paired with four glasses of Nine Pin’s finest ciders.

Four-course prix-fixe is $85 per person. Limited availability – for reservations, call (518) 449-9999.

Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015 – 7 p.m.

Nine Pin Ciderworks
929 Broadway
Albany, NY 12207

There’s the one about Bacchus and its oven
But Ashley already ran that story.

Did you know about the local chapter of the international dining society?
Have you ever heard of the Chaine des Rotisseurs? It’s a fascinating organization. Anway, the local chapter has a new website. You may want to check it out.

What about the crazy awesome farm pizza place that only does delivery?
It’s called 9 Miles East Farm Pizza, and even though I’ve never tried their stuff, I love these people to pieces. I love what they are doing. And I love how they talk about what they do. I’ve got to meet them.

Have you seen the amazing menu for Monday’s beer dinner at the City Beer Hall?
Seriously, I can’t even believe this menu. But I can’t get out of my Monday commitment. Hope one of you can go and enjoy the heck out of all this.

Eden Ice Cider Sparkling Cider
Made with locally grown apples, including traditional heirloom and cider varieties. The cider is fermented and aged in French oak puncheons for a year, then bottled with a secondary fermentation.

scallop, oyster & tarragon puree, caviar, shiso

Stillwater Rio de Sauvin
Tropical farmhouse ale brewed with mango and passion fruit.

tropical winter salad
papaya, starfruit, jicama, mango & habanero glazed crispy pork cheek, coconut & cardamom meringue

Almanac Farmer’s Reserve Blackberry
This sour blonde ale is infused with loads of coastal Blackberries from Swanton Berry Farm in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains and aged in wine barrels for many months.

beet & olive oil sorbet, beet & goat cheese mousse, beet crisps, blackberry gastrique, smoked sea salt

Perennial Fete de Noel
Holiday Belgian strong dark ale brewed with orange peel, fermented on raisins, and finished with rosemary.

duck breast, roasted black radish, prunes, duck hearts, watermelon radish

B.Nektar Zombies take Manhattan
Lightly sparkling apple, honey, and cherry mead aged in rye whiskey barrels.

panna cotta
chai tea, sour cherry sauce, kiwi

Tickets are $70 and you can buy them here.

Who has watched Chasing the Roast, a mini documentary about Uncommon Grounds?
So, there’s this video about coffee roasting at UG. You may recognize the roaster. This is great stuff. Then I asked myself, “Who made this?” And the answer turns out to be a high school student.

[stunned silence]

Seriously, if a high school student can do video work like this, there is absolutely no excuse for restaurants and chefs not to have amazing videos demonstrating their commitment to craft and ingredients. Wow.

Good things are happening in the Capital Region. Oh, and there’s going to be more good stuff coming on Monday. I’ve got a little surprise planned. Everything will be explained by Tuesday. And then there’s the thing next Thursday. It’s complicated. And busy. Very busy. So we’ll just take it one day at a time.

Have a great weekend.

# # #

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  1. January 23, 2015 12:08 pm

    Watched the video, great. So filmmaker Hudson Payer is a high school student? At Saratoga or where? I agree, this is a simple formula for describing and illustrating a process that could be used to promote many, many food places.

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