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TNT is Dynamite

January 26, 2015

Can you feel the excitement? Have I told you I’m keeping a secret? Do you realize that after today, everything is going to be different?

Things are so busy, I can’t even tell you. But there has been a lot of preparation for the big announcement happening later today. I’m pumped, but in all honesty, could probably use more sleep.

Which is a great segue into why I drink so much coffee. I love coffee. My kids will tell you that “coffee makes adults go.” I need coffee, but I’m okay with that. I also appreciate really really great coffee and all the time and attention that needs to go into making something truly special. It’s one reason I’m thrilled that the Capital Region has a burgeoning coffee culture.

If you’re not convinced about that last statement, give me a few minutes and let me show you.

The Capital Region Coffee Collective has been quiet quite recently. But this is a dedicated group of people working in the coffee business locally who are committed to improving their craft and raising the standard for coffee in Albany. The coffee people who I know and respect most are part of this organization.

Back in the fall they hosted the area’s first Thursday Night Throwdown. It was a chance for area baristas to pit their latte art skills up against others in the area for cash and cred. You can see pictures and get the full rundown from KAB.

Anyhow, I was supposed to judge that competition, but I had conflicts. Man, was I bummed. I would love to sit on a judging panel side by side with DocSconz. I have no idea if the good doctor is coming back for round two, but this time, I’m so there.

Thursday, January 29, Stacks Espresso at 260 Lark Street, will be hosting the Capital Region Coffee Collective’s 518 TNT #2. If you are competing, the entry fee is $5. If you are just there to watch, the event is totally free. Sign up is at 5:30 for baristas. The first pour starts at 7.

Come and support those passionate local baristas who are putting their names and reputations on the line for a shot of glory. Come and say hi. Come to see what some of our local espresso jockeys can do when they are showing off their skills. Come to demonstrate that there are people in the Capital Region who do actually care about good coffee.

Seriously, the Capital Region has a reputation as being populated by people who think Dunkin’ Donuts makes great coffee. Your attendance will go a long way to dispel that ugly misconception. If you need some kind of video so you know what to expect, I’ve got you covered.

Hope to see you there.

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